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Julian Assange to speak to SXSW Interactive… live from the Embassy!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Like many, Julian Assange can’t make it over to Austin for SXSW (although I suspect his reason is slightly more Hollywood than yours), so his conversation with Benjamin Palmer will be conducted by satellite link. It takes place on Saturday March 8th, with a watching venue TBC.

Personally I quite like the Dallas Observer’s cheeky take on the event:

…surely, surely, this is the moment that Assange busts out. Think about it. It’s late at night in the U.K. All the police outside will be watching the interview on their smartphones, just in case he says anything nice about them and how extraordinarily vigilant they are. This is the perfect moment to sneak out the back door.

Just prerecord the whole thing. Do the speech first, then when it’s time for the interview part it can become clear the whole thing is on a prerecorded loop. Chaos reigns as the police realize they’ve been tricked. A cackling Assange speeds off into the distance, to catch a helicopter bound for Ecuador.

Although a 2pm session in Austin is only 8pm in the UK, which as any officer of the Metropolitain Police knows, is about the time London starts to wake up for the weekend…

SXSW Gaming Expo- Get Your Game On!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

If you thought you weren’t going to get a good fix of gaming while you were at SXSW in 2013, think again and check out SXSW Gaming Expo. Bringing video games and other fixtures of pop culture like comics, toys and cosplay to Austin. Just in case that wasn’t cool enough, it is free and open to the public.

The expo is scheduled to be hosted at the Palmer Events Center, running from March 8-10. The first day it starts at 3pm and runs until 9pm then Saturday and Sunday it runs from noon to 9pm. There will be pro gaming tournaments and panels of course, and don’t forget the parties.  (Including a happy hour hosted by  comiXology Saturday March 10th, from 6-7pm followed at 7-10pm with the SXSW Gaming Party hosted by VGVN .)

We will continue to bring you updates about the schedule for this event as they are announced.

Lego George and fifty-nine others up for Interactive Awards

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

SXSW have announced finalist for the Interactive Awards over on their blog. The awards ceremony will be held as part of Interactive, on Tuesday March 13th at the Hilton Downtown.

Far too many to list here, so we’ll go for Lego George.., because everyone loves Lego. If you want to explore the rest of the nominees, head over to the full list.

Now we know who’ll make up the British Invasion of Interactive

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

The annual expedition by some of the most exciting British tech companies to SXSW Interactive, through the UKTI and Chinwag, has announced the 34 companies that will be heading to Austin to both exhibit their technology and skill, but also make contacts and find partners in the American market.

The full list can be found at Chinwag, but three that caught our eye here at The Baby! include…

AMEE (www.amee.com)
AMEE’s mission is to aggregate and automate access to the world’s energy and environmental information in order to drive measureable change to a low-carbon economy.

Net Communities (www.netcommunities.com)
Net Communities specialise in representing innovative US Media Companies in the UK in order to bring a wider reach and range of marketing solutions to UK and European Brand Marketeers.

PlayMob (www.playmob.com)
PlayMob are enabling charities to fundraise through games through their core technology, GiverBoard. GiverBoard provides a social and fun experience to fundraising via games and allows game players to keep a history of all the good they do just by playing games. GiverBoard is multi-platform and has already raised thousands of dollars for good causes globally.

You’ll find the UK Trade stand in pride of place at the SXSW Trade Show once we get to Austin. Until then, you can keep up to date with the news on Chinwag’s Digitial Mission site.

SXSW Interactive, Year End Wrap Up

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Let’s be honest, Interactive is the daddy of SXSW now. Outselling Music in 2011, it’s going to be huge in 2012. That’s not without issue, both in terms of hotel beds being sold out, and the campus approach to get in as many talks as possible. With the decision to “go big” this was always going to happen – and you’ve either planned your SXSW Interactive trip already, or you’ll need to be inventive to find some room at the Inn.

Because it’s shaping up to be a great Interactive in terms of keynotes and talks. Baratunde Thurston was already locked in, but his recent activity with “Poor Black Kid” is going to make his opening keynote even more interesting and dynamic. Joining him at the keynote table will be Amber Case (a cyborg anthropolgist), Ray Kurzweil (who’s just smart in ways you would not believe), and Jennifer Pahlka (the exec director of Code for America).

Around 900 proposals have already been accepted, and the main SXSW site has grouped them (by the 13 campus sites around Austin, and therefore by a rough topic) for you to start planning a rough schedule for during the day.

And of course the parties – the major and official parties are locked in, from the traditional crush of Mix at Six and the Opening Party on Friday and Saturday, to the combined Film and Interactive Fusion Party (Sunday) and the Interactive Awards on the Tuesday.

SXSW Interactive starts on Friday March 9th, but expect the early crowds to arrive the day before on Thursday and set up camp in all the old haunts… which will be re-discovered as the new haunts by all those attending their first Interactive.