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The art of selecting a band for SXSW

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

SXSW Music’s James Minor speaks to TechHive on the selection process the Southby team go through to select the shwocasing bands. Or at least skims the surface, because the biggest takeaway coming out of the interview is a sense of “we’ll know it when we see/hear/watch the band.”

We definitely don’t require that an artist is working with a booking agent or manager. What we’re really looking at, is where an artist is at in their career and whether SXSW could potentially act as a springboard and help them progress to the next level.

We look for things such as the amount of press an artist is receiving and how often an artist is performing outside of their hometown and region. We want to see artists who are working hard and in return, an audience paying attention.

We have the venues to consider as well. We want to invite artists who have enough interest around them that can fill up the (showcase) venues.

You can read the full interview here.

This is what it’s like to run run a showcase at SXSW Music

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Looking behind the scenes at SXSW Music isn’t that difficult, everything is on show at changeover time, sound-checks and band prep are done on stage, and the whole environment is incredibly honest. But there’s a lot more going on. Conrad Schoenleber talks through his experiences of organising the CrowdNoize showcase last week on City Pages.

12 p.m.: Our first act, locals, the Chalice, is supposed to go on. Half of our speakers are missing, and the sound guy couldn’t be more clueless. My partner, Patrick Welby of CrowdNoize calls his in-house sound tech to sprint over. He arrives and immediately starts working damage control. So far our SXSW showcase is a huge success.

The diary for the rest of the day is online, and makes for fascinating reading.

Three Days Left To Get Your Band To SXSW Music

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

This time of year is deadline central for anyone looking to head to SXSW. Today’s heads-up is for anyone thinking about performing at SXSW Music. You need to get your submissions to showcase in Austin into the SXSW office by midnight Austin time this Wednesday, the 7th November.

This is the final-final deadline for SXSW Music, miss this and you are not playing SXSW (although I suspect an exception would be made if you are Jeff Beck).

As we’ve described before, you’ll need to register with SonicBids to if you want one of the showcase slots. Start the application process here.

Want to play at SXSW Music 2013? Here’s how to do it

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Are you ready to take to the stage in Austin and show the world (or at least fourteen music executives, five dedicated fans, and three people who have arrived early to be in the from row for the band following you) what you are made of? Good, because it’s time to get your application in to play at Southby Music.

Like last year, the SXSW Music Showcase Applications will be powered by Sonicbids. Your Electronic Press Kit can be submitted to site for the early deadline of October 15th 2012 (and it’ll cost you $30), or you can press your luck and hold on till the deadline-deadline of November 7th 2012 (and the processing fee will jump to $40). You must use Sonicbids, there are no alternative routes to applying (unless you’re Art Garfunkel, in which case you might get away with asking nicely).

Full details are on the SXSW website, with extra details on the dedicated Sonicbids page.

Metal Hammer announce Music showcase

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Thursday March 15th, The Dirty Dog Bar, could be a very interesting showcase. UK metal magazine Metal Hammer have announced the line-up for their Austin showcase, and they’re taking no prisoners:

As lovers of all things metal, we’re stoked to be able to give some of our favourite bands the chance to represent and show Texas exactly why we do what we do. Joining our showcase and repping for the UK will be none other than ragga punk kings Skindred and industrialised metallers The Defiled, with Norwegian rockers Audrey Horne, jazz metal maniacs Shining (the Norwegian one) and Danish djenty types The Interbeing also getting in on the action!

We’ve still to see the full schedule for the March fun, but I love the sound of this one. Sure I’ll be bar-hopping, but as a one of the early time and dates to go in my diary, this is a corker!

SXSW Music, Year End Wrap Up

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

The backbone of South by Southwest has always been music – and to many SXSW only means music. So what do we know about the 2012 edition so far?

The big news of course is the keynote from Bruce Springsteen, which is more than enough to get Eric excited enough that it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s bagged a seat in the auditorium already. The Boss joins an impressive list of musical alumni who have delivered the keynote, including Bob Geldof (2011), Smokey Robinson (2010), Quincy Jones (2009) and Lou Reed (2008).

Three batches of music acts have been announced, with over 500 showcases confirmed. We’re expecting at least 1700 showcases to make up the final roster, so there are lots of names still to be revealed in the new year.

When the sun is up, the sessions are on, with  lots of knowledge to share around. Just like the showcases, the sessions are not yet scheduled in, we just have a great big list of things that look fun – still, fitting it all together is part of the fun of SXSW

There’s still lots to find out, to discover, and to announce, but already it’s starting to feel like SXSW music 2012 is going to be one of the best weeks yet! Keep checking in with SXSW Baby throughout the months, weeks, and days leading up to your time in Austin, and we’ll help guide you through the fun.

Finally, how could we not mention the return of Kevin’s mammoth ‘Operation Every Band‘, listening and reviewing every band set to play SXSW 2012!

How to get on stage and showcase at SXSW Music 2012

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

With SXSW firing the gun on the 2012 season, it’s time to highlight the submission processes for the three major strands of Music, Film and Interactive.

First up is Music, and the only way to submit your band is via Sonicbids. Head to www.sonicbids.com/sxsw to upload you Electronic Press Kit (which should naturally include some music, along with images and some bio details). If you’re not a member of Sonicbids, you get a two week trial as part of the registration process, and no, you don’t need to stay a member of Sonicbids once the SXSW application is in.

A few things to stress.

  • SXSW are only accepting electronic submissions, via Sonicbids. Don’t send CD’s or Press Kits to SXSW. And if any company offers help to bypass or speed up the process, tread with extreme caution.
  • International submissions are allowed (around a third of music acts are from outside the 50 states) but you need to sort out your visa yourself.
  • If accepted, your reimbursement from SXSW will be in a small cash payment, or a music wristband for all the performers. Hotel, travel, food and the riders are your responsibility, not the organisers of SXSW.
  • Bands will have a reply by January 27th 2012.

It does cost to submit your music… $30 if before October 7th 2011, or $40 from then until the closing date of November 4th 2011. And that’s not refundable.

You can find out more at the SXSW Music Showcase FAQ, and get started here. Best of luck!