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Adobe look back at SXSW 2012

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Jamie, over on the Adobe blog, looks back at his time in Austin in March this year at his first South by Southwest.

At first, this year’s South by Southwest [2012] seemed like a bust… But a few days in, after the sun came out in a blaze of glory, people pulled off their rain suits and started to mingle. After that, the conference was in full swing — dozens of panels, hundreds of sessions, some awesome barbecue and many cameos and keynotes by some of interactive’ s famous, the whirlwind week ended just as quickly as it began.

He touches on a number of issues including; where will SXSW go now and can it avoid ‘bursting’ because of its size and expectation; the future of social media; the rise of the mobile app; and what the big brands were doing to woo the Southby attendees.

Most of all though, are the two big points he’s noted for SXSW 2013:

  • A closer hotel which has me walking to sessions, no more shuttle dependencies.
  • Better Adobe employee awareness, I found that our employees didn’t have a way to reach out to one another via some sort of gathering.

The hotel situation is one that crops up every year (and if you are looking for a hotel close by, don’t forget that downtown sold out by late November last year for SXSW Interactive), but the communication aspect, especially between a small group of people, is one that everyone has to deal with.

We’d suggest making sure everyone has a coffee together in the morning at a fixed time and place…

The Greatest Entertainment Summits of the Year

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

That’s how Kevin Moreno sums up this year’s SXSW in California’s El Pasino:

Whether you listen to hip hop, punk, pop, rock, or electronic, no matter what the genre is, SXSW will have a band you will enjoy. The greatest thing about this festival is whether it’s a big mainstream artist, an up and coming underground band, or somewhere in between, SXSW has it all.

More at El Pasino. We couldn’t agree more – and if you missed it, our 2012 Music Sampler is still available!

In the mosh pit with Bruce Springsteen

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

The gig that many were talking about at SXSW? Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. And if you didn’t get a ticket (or if you want to relive the experience), then Michael Mayer has done a fantastic write up:

And on through an hour, two hours, Bruce played. He crowd surfed, at the end of songs he’d heave his guitar 30 feet through the air to a roadie, he climbed on amps and drum kits. He delivered most of his new album to rapturous applause. The hits pushed the crowd into group swaying and singing that seems like it could cure disease…

Even if you think in advance that you’re not someone who sings at concerts, you belt this stuff out. And everyone does, so there’s no reservations. And it’s not like anyone hears you. We’re all standing in the face of a 32-legged hurricane, a jet-turbine engine, the E Street Band. The sound is huge, so huge you don’t think it could have ever been matched in rock history.

More at A+E Interactive.