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And you can register for SXSW 2016… Now!

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

It’s time for the diehards to buy their badges for March next year, because  SXSW 2016 is now open for badge business and you can register for the 2016 Conferences. Given the smaller conferences springing up around the core three, the registration page has a handy chart as to what you can go to with each badge. That’s definitely worth a look of you are only taking in one or two of the main events.

Prices, as always, are on a sliding scale, with benefits to buying your badge as early as possible. Walk-up rates are available right up until the end of the Conference, but be honest, if you know you are definitely coming, then now is the time to buy a (non-refundable) badge.

thru Sept 21 thru Oct 3 thru Nov 20 thru Jan 15 thru Feb 12 Walk up
$1345 $1425 $1495 $1575 $1645 $1745
$1025 $1125 $1225 $1295 $1395 $1495
Music $650 $695 $725 $750 $795 $895
Film $525 $550 $575 $625 $650 $695
Interactive $825 $925 $1025 $1095 $1195 $1295

Oh and if you were looking for the best hotel rooms, the chances are that the main hotels next to the Austin Convention Center are, as usual, going to sell out incredibly quickly, so if you;re sure, and you know you are, then now is the time.


Things To Do Today at SXSW Eco – Sunday 6th

Sunday, October 6th, 2013


Registration is open today from 6pm-9pm

To find the Registration desk attendees should enter through the doors on Cesar Chavez St. between Red River and Trinity and look for the rotunda. Registration is just east of the rotunda.

SXSW Eco Pre Party
6:00PM – 8:00PM
Brush Square Park

Go green and download the digital program guide here.

Things Are Afoot at SXSW V2V!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

With SXSW V2V only 5 weeks away, things are started to get busy!

First, this Friday is the last day to register at a 15% discount. So what are you waiting for? Registration details can be found here.

Next, the schedule is now up and we’ve been spending our days and nights perusing it trying to find the most interesting sessions to attend. Of special interest are the 20/20 Vision sessions, which provide:

“intense 20-minute presentations from established business and entrepreneurial voices, as well as up-and-coming creative visionaries. Located in one room, and spanning the length of the conference, this shorter format will allow audiences to experience a wide range of differing viewpoints and ideas from the people who are shaping the future. “

We will be sharing our thoughts on the most intriguing sessions that we don’t want to miss in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here is one of our early favorites:

Dreaming Up Hardware: Making Your Vision a Collaborative Reality
Monday, August 12
10:15AM – 11:15AM
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Belmont Ballroom 1

You have a great idea for hardware and turn to the crowd to help make it come true. But product launches via crowdfunding have taken heat for extreme delays in production due to scope, funding, or a lack of industry knowledge of the complexities of product development. What are the three hardware project types? Is crowdfunding a technically complex product really viable? Where does building “something cool” and building a business fit in with what the backers really want? A designer, an engineer and a hardware startup founder explore what it takes to design and manufacture a great hardware product that can please both backers and creators.

We fell in love with the title of this session before we discovered the panel including longtime Baby! friend John “J-Ro” Rodriguez. This promises to be an exciting and educational session.

Beers afterward J-Ro?