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SXSW panels, it’s not just about the popular vote

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

PandoDaily’s Andy White asks if there is abetter way to choose SXSW panels than an online ‘popularity vote:

Take one step to removing the popularity contest out of social and lead by example. By merely stripping the voting and the cronyism out of the process, SXSW could automatically have a scenario that goes a long way to achieving the great and grand leveler that social should always achieve to be. Use the firehose to identify what the greater community is talking about in the here and now, and then apply that knowledge to picking the submitted panel discussions for the next conference. It’s democratic by way of social and leverages the ultimate hive-mind.

With just that one step, you get a dialogue shaped by the community, by their interests, their questions, and the discussions already happening. Technical feasibility aside, any change is a positive step to overcome the realities of the present: An onslaught of noise from the usual suspects in a quest to deliver the same 1,000-mile high talking points and sound bites.

To be fair, he is right, an all-up 100% vote for the panels would be a popularity contest. Which is probably why the voting part only covers about a third of the chosen panels. Another third is determined by the SXSW Advisory Panel, who will look over every panel in their area of expertise, grade each panel, and give a huge amount of guidance and input on the panel quality; and the final third is dealt with by the SXSW team themselves. From the SXSW.com site.

PanelPicker is a great way to gauge the kinds of topics that most interest the SXSW community. Likewise, it has helped bring great new topics into the event. However, we also significantly rely on the expertise of the SXSW Advisory Boards and the SXSW staff to help curate the most relevant programming. Given the extensive role of the Advisory Boards and the staff in this process, the PanelPicker is a modified approach to crowdsourcing. See the “PanelPicker Selection Process” sub-head below.

So if you’re looking at SXSW and thinking it’s the loudest voices, it’s not. It is the more deserving and interesting voices that will take to the stages in March, and every panel is looked at. The team here at SXSW Baby should know, as we’ve helped out the Advisory Process for many years.

Get your ideas ready for the SXSW 2014 Panel Picker

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Okay, we missed the note in May about the Panel Picker (but hey, half the Senior Editorial team was at the Eurovision Song Contest, okay), but if you’ve not sharpened your ideas pencil, it’s time to get started. The process to select the panels for SXSW 2014 will officially start on July 1st, as the Austin team will open up the Panel Picker for you to submit your ideas for panels.

Submissions can be made up until the 26th July, with public voting to follow later in the year. While topping the vote does not 100% guarantee your panel will make the grade for March, all the votes and comments will play a large part in the selection process. And all that most people will have to go on is what you put down in the submission form. Hence the ideas pencil.

You might want to think about the four key words SXSW have mentioned in their ‘Tips for Success‘ when putting together your proposal… gender, race, opinion, and geography.

Best of luck!

Hope you got your Panel Submissions in!

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

It’s been a bit of a rough ride for a few of us here at The Baby! since the end of our favourite Conference that picks up Music, Film, Interactive, Comedy, so please excuse a little bit of radio silence. Hopefully those of you looking to speak at SXSW 2013 on a panel picked up that the deadline for submitting your panel was actually last week, July 20th.

Which means, faithful reader, that the Austin bunnies are currently doing a quick skim over all the ideas for 2013, and getting them ready to go on show in the Panel Picker, where everyone gets a chance to vote on the potential panels.

As in previous years, the public vote will have a bearing on the selection process, but SXSW will also hand pick a number of sessions themselves as well as turning to their Advisory Panel to go through the sessions providing their own input. Think of it as a third public vote, a third on a jury of peers, and a third on the gut instinct from the SXSW team on what works, and you’ll have a good idea of how it all shakes down.

The Panel Picker will go live on Monday August 13th. So in about two weeks.

The voting is closed. For sure. Really. They mean it this time.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

The Panel Picker is now a read only environment, hope you nudged up your friends and the interesting looking panels, because it’s all over. At least it is for you. The scoring from the Panel Picker makes up 30%, that’s joined by the 30% from the advisory board, and now the SXSW staff themselves add in their 40%. Which, if you’re smart and know your arithmetic, means the could still push through a number of panels, but some could be well clear of a 50%+1 threshold already.

Panel Picker round up: Cathy’s Cattle Call

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

A veteran of many SXSW weeks, Cathy Brooks has a general “here’s some cool stuff” post on her blog that could all do with a vote on the Panel Picker:

I’ve been pleased this year to see, or rather to not see, such excessive crowing across social media. Oh sure, I’ve seen plenty of folks promote their sessions, but the tenor this year seems to be almost, dare I say, mature. Perhaps it’s because SXSW is growing up. Perhaps it’s because those who attend & participate are. More likely I think it’s due to thoughtful voices, like that of CC Chapman, who have made a point to educate and inform people about the best practices for SXSW and help guide neophytes towards behavior that ultimately serves the overall SXSW community far better.

And if you feed any community a sparkling diet, they’ll pay you back in kind, somewhere down the line. So head over to Cathy’s choices, and get voting. You have until midnight Austin time to make your mark on 30% of the final score for all the panels!

Panel picker round up: It’s all about the start-ups

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

With your chance to vote on the potential panels for SXSW 2012 closing midnight Friday (Austin time), here’s another panel round-up, this time looking at the fertile ground of start-ups and small businesses. Jenn Prentice:

No, I didn’t read all 3,284 proposals, but I did take a look at over 100 proposals in the startups, funding and business categories. Below, you’ll find my list of the top 10 best SXSW Interactive 2012 panel proposals for those categories. If one of them strikes your fancy, log in to the SXSW PanelPicker and give it a “thumbs up.”

Their top ten of SMB panels can be found at Experts Exchange, and the Panel Picker hasn’t moved, it’s still here.

Your SXSW panel submission is not your golden ticket to Austin

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Naturally there’s a lot of people writing on their blogs, Facebook pages, and anywhere they can get people to upvote their submission on the Panel Picker. I’m not going to single out any site here, so some paraphrasing is going on here. But the pitch generally goes like this:

We’ve always looked at SXSW from afar. We’ve always wanted to go, and now we think that this proposal is so cutting edge and zeitgeist-y that you need to vote for it so we can get to Austin in March, because we really want to go! Please, please, please make it happen for us this year?

Just stop it. It’s not pretty, it’s not becoming, it’s embarrassing, and more importantly, it’s wrong.

It’s wrong because anyone who’s read the small print knows that getting a panel acceptance gives you an Interactive pass, and nothing else. The flights down to Austin and back again? You’ll need to buy them. It’s wrong because you’ll still need to pay the biggest expense of SXSW, the hotel room in Austin. It’s wrong because you’ll spend the best part of a week in the Texan capital and you’ll be eating out for all your meals… another expense that you’ll be covering.

So you’ve got all that budgeted. And you’re telling the world that you can’t add another $100 a month until March for the Interactive badge? $600 is a deal breaker? $600 out of a potential $2,000 for the badge, flights, hotel and spending? If SXSW is that important to you, if it is so important, then get yourself here and let it make a difference to you. If the opportunities presented are  worth $1400 but not $2000, perhaps SXSW isn’t for you?

And if you get to present a panel, then consider it a gift from yourself to the rest of those attending.