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Operation Every Band’s Pick of the Week From SXSW Music

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

With four weeks to go until SXSW kicks off, it’s time to settle in and explore the music, with help from our good friends over at Operation Every Band. So, over to Kevin!

Welcome back to another year of cream-of-the-crop picks from Operation Every Band, sharing our favorites with our friends at SXSW Baby! (ooh, snap! – Ewan). This year’s batch is as good as any, avoiding too many top-draw names to focus on the best of what’s next for the independent and mainstream realms.

Grammys’ highlights Sam Smith and Hozier were relative unknowns gigging around Austin last March, taking only a few months to go from ‘new faces’ to ‘mega-stardom.’ Who will play that role this year? Check out the artists that have the OEB Team buzzing and get on-board by clicking through the site, the spreadsheet and our lovable Donation Packages for anyone looking for a immersive guide to who to see, when to see them and where to go see them next.

This week, Circa Waves, Emmy the Great, Fyfe, Mick Jenkins, and Huntar.


Here Come The Bands (take 3)

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

The SXSW team have announced the third wave of performers who have showcases at this year’s SXSW Music festival. You can read the full list online at SXSW, but there are a few names I would want to pick up.

Blitzkids (YouTube) are from Nantwich in the UK, and are a good pop/punk band with a nice crunchy sound; New Albany’s Houndmouth (YouTube) return to Austin with a delightful folksy root sound; and Toffee (YouTube) from Taipei, Taiwan, who have a great modern twist on the classic sounds of the Far East.

There’s rather a lot of music to get through, so don’t forget our friends of the parish over at ‘Operation Every Band‘ are going to listen and rank all the showcases to help you through the festival of music.

SXSW Baby Podcast: Kevin McStravick (Operation Every Band)

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

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Friend of The Baby Kevin McStravick talks to Ewan about Operation Every Band, the quest to listen and rate every band playing at SXSW this year.

Follow the SXSW Baby blog for more South by Southwest fun, and what we’re up to on the ground via Twitter and @SXSWbaby. Got news about SXSW for us? Get in touch via SXSW Baby’s contact form! Don’t forget to follow the podcast via the RSS feed!

Another musical selectionbox from Operation Every Band

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

This week has been all about the numbers as the band list grows (and shrinks) on a daily basis.  In fact, hundreds of artists will end up dropping off the roster after spending some time as an official SXSW artist.  There have already been some huge names that won’t end up heading to Austin this year (Alex Clare, Alt-J, Aloe Blacc, Amon Tobin…and that is just in A’s) as well as many of our favorite under-the-radar artists.

When it comes to “the fallen”, stories range from financing issues, visa disputes and scheduling conflicts, but it does seem that artists post “with a heavy heart” when they need to announce that they will not be able to join in the fray.  So we don’t lose the recommendation, you can find most of the former SXSW showcasers on The Spreadsheet coded in grey.

On the other hand, excellent artists are being added daily without the hint of an announcement.  The Operation Every Band crew has been diligently adding the latest additions to our own spreadsheet, so we’ll consistently have a running count available.  At this point, we can confidently say over 75% of the roster has been announced, but historically many of the bigger names don’t make their way onto the roster until pretty late in the game.

By the end of the month, 99% of the roster will be locked in and OEB is setting their listening and rating deadline for then.  By beating the clock by about two weeks, we’ll be able to provide some additional insight and reflection on what the story of SXSW 2013 will be before it is written.

For now, I have some ripe OEB recommendations from pop, rock and folk fields.  Be on lookout for all five of these artists to break out internationally in varying degrees — this is one of our strongest highlights yet.


Some more musical highlights from OEB from SXSW Music 2012

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Operation Every Band is currently ahead of schedule, so the completion date looks to be March 1st, which should allow some extra time for some extra SXSW goodies, and let us concentrating on hooking up our donators with the OEB SXSW 2013 Gift Box (with our personal schedule grids).

It’ll be an extremely heavy schedule on the site until then, so stay tuned for an avalanche of new artist recommendations. With over half the expected 2000 bands reviewed, there have been some more trends that have worked their way to the forefront.  One of which this year is that I expect to see more artists trying to meld organic and electronic instrumentation into a single, coherent sound. From Flunk to Connor Youngblood to Indians, there’s something new at work here that should open up all sorts of musical opportunities.

In fact, it has gotten to a point that new pop music is expected to be complex and even challenging, best displayed by acts like Gotye and fun. breaking out last year.  Rarely are the great artists of 2013 throwing back to the past, rather they are trying to build their own niche to exist in the future.

And now, our recommendations this week cover the musical spectrum, from the dark, electronic grooves of Ms Mr to stunning beauty of Luke Sital-Singh.


Operation Every Band’s weekly round-up of the best of SXSW Music

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

This week has been a short reprieve on the listening front over at Operation Every Band as the team just finished off with the bands from the second batch of announced showcases. I’m hoping SXSW Music will launch the third and largest band list in the near future, but until then I’m taking a chance to listen back and reflect on some trends in the rock, folk and pop categories.

The folk-rock genre continues to be one of the strongest and most well-represented groupings at SXSW, with many acts taking on the quiet and rambunctious corners of the field.  In terms of pop music, artists have generally gotten more dark and experimental with their sound. Even Charlotte Church, an artist who once lived in the widest range of appeal, is now exploring introverted, grey ballads. The futuristic take on R&B that Frank Ocean has so well captured is also an important tenet of 2013, infiltrating the sound of so many young, experimental artists. The last observation is the growing number of bands fronted by female artists, best represented by recent BBC darlings Haim.

These early trends are normally not only an indication of what we’ll be hearing at SXSW, but also the music community in 2013 in general.  I’ll be sure to keep a close ear as the project continues – we still don’t at least half the artists who will be showcasing down in Austin.

Time for this week’s set, For more, keep following along at  Operation Every Band for tunes and SXSW Baby! for your latest conference news.  Enjoy!


With the first bands announced, it’s time for Operation Every Band

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

The first list of bands and performers selected to showcase at SXSW Music has been announced by the SXSW team, and while The Baby team have spotted a few gems already (notably Ezra Furman and Jenn Grant along with, for  an unfathomable reason, Charlotte Church) we’re more excited for the return of Kevin McStravick’s herculean Operation Every Band.

Kevin’s rules are simple:

Every artist gets a two-track minimum.  Even you, John Mayer.  If we like what we hear, we’ll keep going.  In the spreadsheet, we’ll put three words or phrases best describing the qualities of what we’re hearing.  Lastly, the reviewer will give a totally subjective rating based on one criterion – how much would I want to see this artist at SXSW?  The scale is “tough” in order to keep a sense of comparison, so keep in mind that anything about a “4” is something we genuinely enjoyed.

For every artist at a “7” or above, we’ll provide a full write-up and a recent video to get a real taste…  This site purposely extenuates the positive; there’s no point in rambling on about things we don’t like.

You can follow along at www.operationeveryband.com and hopefully we’ll have the highlights of the bands here on The Baby!