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Start your SXSW notepad to make the most of March

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Every year at SXSW Interactive, people look at my Filofax with a mix of ‘how old school’ and ‘how useful’ when they realise there’s no  need for a wi-fi connection to make it work, and I’m not on the lookout for a plug to charge it up. When I can open up a double page for each day, show a list of films, showcases, sessions, talks, meetings, and events, then the usefulness is clear.

It doesn’t have to be a Filofax. The hipsters will be looking for a SXSW edition of the popular Field Notes jotters, while there’s a certain Class Snobbery in going for a Moleskine. The point is this. Grab a notepad right now, and keep it close by. When you find something you want to do at SXSW- actually strike that. When you find something you might want to do at SXSW, write it down in your SXSW Notepad!

SXSW moves fast. So fast that you’ll have time to do a bit of planning over morning coffee, but trying to look through all the options when you are on the run and being assaulted by the volume of fun at SXSW is not the easiest of tasks. But being able to open a small notepad, look down that day’s entries, find the three personal options happening in the next hour… and you’ll have a  far richer SXSW experience because of it.

Proper planning now prevents…  well, you know the rest!