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SXSW Baby Interview: Holy Nothing

Friday, March 18th, 2016

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Ewan chats to Holy Nothing ahead of their SXSW debut set.

Directly from Porto, Portugal, this electronic music trio travels deep into the exploration and experimentation of what a lab full of synthesisers and grooveboxes can produce. When mixing tropical rhythms with industrial vocoders or diving danceable grooves deep into hypnotic ambiences, everything seems possible and unexpected in the hypertextual language of this band.

So it is stated by their debut album ‘Hypertext’. The sum up of a year of exploration, experimentation, failure and accomplishment, brought up by the creative madness of their peculiar rehearsal and composition sessions.

This musical exploration is charged even further by the live projections created specifically to make the links between the knots. Music and video are symbiotically performed to generate a profoundly immersive voyage.

More on Holy Nothing at SXSW.com.

SXSW Baby Interview: Call Me Kat

Friday, March 18th, 2016

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Ewan chats to returning SXSW star Katrine Ottosen (Call Me Kat) ahead of her Austin showcases.

Under the name CALLmeKAT Danish native Katrine Ottosen creates alt-pop with playful ease and a curiosity for the darker corners of the pop music spectrum. Known for her psychedelic approach and captivating live performances, her refreshing take on contemporary pop combines a woody earthiness and a soaring curiosity that leaves a lasting impression.

More on Call Me Kat at SXSW.com.

The SXSW 2016 Music Sampler From SXSW Baby

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

As the time comes to commit to the music, you need to be able answer the question of who you might want to see at SXSW. It’s a lot easier with the internet and lots of samples, but there are still far too many bands for the overage attendee to plough through. Aafter the reaction to our MP3 Samplers from previous years we all knew going in that we’d be putting together another eighty acts you really must listen to at this year’s South by Southwest music.

DOWNLOAD the SXSW Baby! “Best of SXSW 2016″ sampler
Mega.co.nz link (423 Mb)

A little bit about the process. Through the friends of the parish over on ‘Operation Every Band‘ we built our initial “long list” of acts to listen to. Into that mix the SXSW Baby! team threw in the music we’ve been discovering along the way. We also asked a number of our friends in the music industry to suggest a few names as well.

From then it was a matter of listening to them all again, debating favourites, comparing a few songs that were incredibly similar in head-to-head decisions, and once we had a provisional list, any new song that demanded to be included had to bump an existing song out of the playlist.

After all that, we’re left with 80 tracks (all of which are freely available to listen to online folks, we’ve just got them in one place), and a big jigsaw to get a great running order. As previous years, I wanted to create some great moments when listening to the songs, to have the music flow into each other, to have sequences that would allow you to both dip in and out of the sampler, or stick it on a five hour playlist (which should just about reach from the TSA screening at your local airport to the reception desk of your hotel – or twice through if you’re flying from Europe).

If the eighty tracks feels too much for you, then you can break it down to eight ten-track playlists.

  • Welcome to Austin (Tracks 1-10)
  • Ten More Songs That You’ll Love Like The First Ten (Tracks 11-20)
  • Chilling On The Town Lake (Tracks 21-30)
  • Only In America (Tracks 31-40)
  • Distorition Days (Tracks 41-50)
  • The Global Village Of SXSW Music (Tracks 51-60)
  • Texas Is Electric (Tracks 61-70)
  • It All Ends, Like Tears In The Rain (Tracks 71-80)

If you’re not sure, here’s the deal. Listen to the first ten tracks. I’m confident that not only will this give you a great hit of SXSW Music, but you’ll want to listen to the rest of the sampler.

The biggest problem in the 21st century is not piracy but obscurity”, Cory Doctorow.

– @Ewan and the @SXSWbaby team


Can SXSW solve the ‘how to get money to artists’ problem?

Monday, February 15th, 2016

One of the great benefits of SXSW is that it puts lots of smart people from a number of disciplines into the same place and encourages them to share ideas. Ten years ago the Interactive, Film, and Music strands were very much separate. That’s not the case now, with crossover days, shared sessions, and events like the Third Music Hackathon.

Brent Wistrom looks at this year’s event, which is going to focus on how to get money from listeners to artists:

That’s been done. But there’s plenty of room for big innovations in music. And with the Grammy’s this weekend, how we listen, how artists innovate and how they get paid is on everyone’s mind. This year’s SXSW Music Hackathon asks hackers to team up on ways to get cash directly to artists and rights-holders; new ways to boost music performances with tech; and ways to improve the listening experience.

That’s a huge window for innovation from your earbuds to your fingertips to beacon technology. Hackers will have 24 hours to execute on the next big thing.

Any SXSW badge colour will give you access to the event. It runs from 3pm on Tuesday 15th, through to 2pm the next day.

Workshop Announced For UK’s SXSW Artists

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

There’s something about music from the UK that SXSW really enjoys, so it’s great to see the UK’s Performing Rights Society (PRS) supporting performers heading out to SXSW Music. Not only is the organisation supplying  financial support to fourteen artists to get to Austin (more details here, including Liverpool’s Stealing Sheep, who really should be on your radar), it is also offering a workshop for every UK-based performer heading out to Austin next month.

The Foundation will be hosting a workshop for all UK-based artists who have been invited to perform at SXSW which is to take place on Friday, February 12 in London at the PRS office in Kings Cross. Please contact/RSVP by emailing bhavesh@prsformusicfoundation.com.

I do hope the workshop reminds everyone to try and avoid the midday sun… us Brits burn very easily under the Texan light!

2015 Must See Films: 24 Beats Per Second

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

If you enjoyed last year’s Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, then you will certainly enjoy Danny Says. Who is Danny Fields and how did he help build some of the biggest acts in music?  Go find out.


Wednesday, March 18
4:15PM – 5:59PM Vimeo Theater

Thursday, March 19
2:30PM – 4:14PM  Satellite Venue: Marchesa

Saturday, March 21
12:00PM – 1:44PM  Alamo Lamar B

I did not get a chance to preview Landfill Harmonic, but I am intrigued. Follow and learn the story of the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. Music and recycling? How can you go wrong?


Wednesday, March 18
1:45PM – 3:09PM Alamo Ritz

Friday, March 20
4:15PM – 5:39PM  Alamo Lamar B

Saturday, March 21
11:00AM – 12:24PM  Alamo Ritz

Are you tired of listening to the same old thing? Check out Y/Our Music and add a whole new genre (or several) to your playlists! Expand your mind while watching the lush country of Thailand and her people. A treat for the eyes and ears. I am particularly fond of the Khaen and old style pin.


Hint-That’s a Khaen!

Tuesday, March 17
1:30PM – 2:51PM Alamo Lamar A

Wednesday, March 18
6:30PM – 7:51PM  Rollins Theatre at The Long Center

Thursday, March 19
7:45PM – 9:06PM  Satellite Venue: Marchesa


SXSW Baby Podcast: Missio

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

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Ewan interviews Matthew Brue and David Butler, of the band Missio ahead of their SXSW showcase.

Support for this year’s podcasts comes from HipChat. Bring your team to life, with group and private chat, file sharing, and integrations, all at hipchat.com.