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Ready to spend ten grand to promote at SXSW Interactive?

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Once upon a time you needed just $100 to rock a launch at SXSW. Then it was $1000. Now the going rate in an article headline to launch a brand new service at SXSW is $10,000, as Posse explains over on the New York Times blog:

Last year, I went back to SXSW to introduce Posse, a social network that helps users see their friends’ recommendations for places to go. Technology companies now use the conference as a platform to capture the world’s media in a bid to be the next big thing. Like many top bands, Twitter and Foursquare got their big breaks as start-ups at SXSW.

With the conference season here again, thousands of entrepreneurs will head to SXSW, TechCrunch Disrupt, Launch and a myriad of other trade shows and exhibitions that showcase products and services. But with so many competitors and limited resources, how can one start-up stand out?

Find out all their advice here.

Can you enjoy SXSW Music without buying a badge?

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Missed the badge cut-off on Friday? Don’t feel like spending over $600 to do SXSW this year? Arun Sood has some advice on doing the Austin spectacular on a tight budget:

A few more free drinks later, I vaguely remember stumbling out of The Parish, naively raving to my friend – an SXSW veteran – about the free booze and food, and the high calibre of musical acts. It was then she let me in on the secret: “Just stick to all the unofficial parties and screw paying for tickets – hardly anyone in Austin does.” And so my week of complimentary hedonism began.

…Tweets and posts begin pinging back and forth in the weeks leading up to most of the free shows, generating a buzz on influential music blogs such as do152.com. Websites such as showlistaustin.com and Facebook groups such as Unofficial SXSW Guide and the SXSWPartyList focus on listing the unofficial events.

Head Over to The Guardian for more tip and tricks, and feel free to share your own in the comments!

Submitting your Film to SXSW 2013

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Along with the opening of badge registration, the submissions process for the main SXSW strands in 2013 are also open. Having your film screened at SXSW 2013 starts with the submission process on the main SXSW site.

As usual, there are three deadlines, October 4th 2012, the late deadline on November 1st 2012, and the last-minute deadline on November 15th 2012. (Texas High School submissions have until December 14th 2012 if they need that long). Rough cuts cannot be updated, you can send just one version, so decide carefully which to send.

Following the normal procedure, we’d expect the first wave of successful films to be announced in early February 2013.

One Week To Go: Interviews, Intrigue, and Panic Booking

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Next week, many of us will be heading over to Austin for SXSW – the Interactive and Film crowds will start the gatherings to all intents around lunchtime on Thursday 8th March, and while the Music crowds will take a bit longer to drift to the Texan Capital, the SXSW 2012 clock will have started.

Just time for some last-minute thoughts and things to do in our “Weeks to Go” series.

What I’d suggest now is you take a calm ten minutes, and quietly go through your preparations. Plane tickets, hotel reservations, AirBNB arrangements, all of the stuff that needs to be done… is it done? Have you copies of the information you’ll need? Will you print them out because you know your smartphone will go flat if you rely on it in Austin? I know I said cover the basics at six weeks to go, but let’s check them once more (and that includes Visa or ETSA applications that those Southbyers outside of the US will need to apply for before you fly).

Do it now, and you have just enough time to do a panic order on whatever it is you have.

Everyone has a story to tell at SXSW, and many of you are going to be looking at media outlets, bloggers, websites, newspapers, radio, and anyone else you can find to get the message out. Now is the time to reach out to them, with a short, succinct message, and a clear request of what you’d like (come to our show, are you doing interviews, would you download the application please).

Build up the intrigue on the social networks as well if you are doing a launch, tease a track from a new album, release a new film trailer… SXSW is close enough now that the PR legwork you do now will be remembered next week as it all starts. And for us in the media who are booking interviews with interesting people, great musicians, and amazing films, this is week we want to lock down or diary of appointments. So let’s have both sides help each other out!

Trade Show Booth 101: What Registrants Really Want

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

The SXSW Trade Show is a great place to network and learn about all the cool new companies with a message to share.  With that in mind we have come up with what we’d like to see from the Trade Show companies.

Booth Design

Booths should be inviting and allow for space for visitors to enter the booth instead of just talking across the table from the aisle. This allows for better traffic flow and provides for better interaction.


Some visitors will want to chat about the product, others may just want a pamphlet. To avoid scaring away the masses, don’t play used car salesman (ie; don’t jump on each visitor with a canned spiel). Instead introduce yourself and offer to answer any questions they may have.

SWAG (What everyone *really* wants)

We’ve seen every sort of SWAG, some that stick around and others that just get discarded. For the best impact and long lasting brand recognition, we suggest the following pointers:

Stuff we can use DURING SXSW:

  • Sharpies – either the regular ones or the baby ones. These are almost a necessity during SXSW and are guarded jealously
  • Pens (but Sharpies are better)
  • Small notebooks – not everyone comes prepared for class :)
  • Blistex – This is really useful, and if you use the name brand item it is more likely to be held onto past SXSW (ie lasting brand recognition)
  • Sunglasses – cheap is okay, there are going to be lost, broken, forgotten shades, and they will be retained past SXSW
  • Gum
  • Bandannas

Stuff we can use AFTER SXSW:

  • Bottle openers – unique shapes will catch the eye.
  • USB drives – these are a great resource. We’ve even seen some companies provide content on them, which is very useful, but don’t make it so that the drive cannot be formatted for general use after the content has been viewed, otherwise it winds up in the landfill.
  • Phone cases
  • T-shirts – These are always a favorite, but try to have “SXSW 2012” somewhere on it, it’ll mean more and be less likely to wind up at Goodwill.
  • Reusable shopping bags

Stuff that doesn’t have staying power (stay away from this, if it is taken it will most likely not stay around long)

  • Lanyards – everyone already has one. Suggestion: pony up to sponsor official SXSW lanyards.
  • Mints – especially in non-recycleable containers
  • Mini flashlights – most people just use their iPhone so these wind up in the trash when the battery dies
  • Hand fans
  • Stickers, magnets, sweatbands, guitar picks, lighters etc. (unless your marketing plan is to advertise on guitar cases)

By the way, SXSW announced their list of Trade Show Exhibitors yesterday. Go check it out.


A better way of promoting your panel?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

From Friend of The Baby CC Chapman:

Mention that you have a panel.

Promote other people’s panels.

Spend time going through the entire panel picker and the categories you are interested in…

Leave comments on the panels you are most passionate about.

More thinking behind these bullet points on CC’s blog, which you should all head over to read just now.