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SXSW Comedy roster announced with podcasts, stand-ups, and sessions

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

The heckles are sure to come in, but that’s fine, because anyone taking on board Comedy at SXSW is going to get quite a few comments, so let’s just skip over the obvious stuff (the gender balance, how much the comedians are being paid, how many are here to promote and how many to perform) and point out the full line up of comedians who’ll be in town for SXSW is here.

This year you’ll find a mix of nightly showcases during Film, Interactive, and Music, either in Esther’s Follies or at the stages in the Austin Convention Center, while comedy podcasts will be recorded, again mostly in Esther’s Follies, but do check SXschedule for the exact dates and locations.

Personally, I’m looking forward to two of the ‘special events’ that are under the Comedy banner. A Carlin Home Companion see’s Kelly Carlin bring out personal memories and video footage of her father, George Carlin. The second is Paul Provenza’s session on Thursday 15th, promising a mix of traditional stand up and improvisation in Stand-up without a Net.