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SXSW alumni Haim wins BBC’s Sounds of 2013

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

You might recall we looked at SXSW acts who made the long list of the BBC’s Sounds of 2013 contest previously on The Baby. Well the winners have been named, and the award has went to Haim, a three-piece rock band from California.

While they’re not listed as playing SXSW this year, they did stride out on an Austin stage at SXSW Music 2012… and it’s not unknown for bands to make annual appearances. We’ll keep watching the SXSW lists, and in the meantime remind you of Haim’s 2012 showcase.

SXSW Music and the BBC Sound of 2013

Monday, December 17th, 2012

It’s always interesting to see how various lists of up and coming musicians match up, so if you are keeping track of both the announced showcases for SXSW and where there is cross-over, take a look at the BBC’s Sound of 2013 award. Judged by a panel of music industry types, along with the staff and personalities of the national broadcaster, a number of bands on the ’2013 shortlist are already booked in for an Austin appearance in March 2013.

If you need somewhere to start your own shortlist for SXSW Music, then the SXSW Sound of 2013 mash-up is as good a place as any!