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The majestic Austin’s B-Cycle network needs you

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Just like SXSW, Austin as a city is constantly evolving, and the appearance of the B-Cycle network had a huge positive impact on my SXSW experience – so much so that I made a point of arranging a month-long membership of the short term mostly automated bike-hire before I left for Austin in 2015. I’ll be doing the same this year.

If you’re outside of Austin have a read over of how B-Cycle works at its website (in short, members can check a bike out for thirty minutes and check it in at any other station around town, and it takes around ten to fifteen minutes to go between some of the more distant stations).

Austin residents (our those of you who just want a different way of looking around the city) might want to volunteer for the SXCycles team, which will help keep the system running (and each shift offers credit towards an annual membership of the B-Cycle system).

South by Southwest is looming once again and Austin B-cycle will be hustling our bikes around the city to make sure everyone has the best chance to use a B-cycle to get around town. With the high demand of the festival attendees, our team is in need of some helping hands…or should we say “feet”…to help us move our B-cycles around the city.

If you’re looking to be apart of the SXSW hustle and bustle, join the Austin B-cycle team of volunteers for a fun-filled day(s) keeping the system balanced and riding B-cycles. Take a peek at our volunteer shift needs below and sign up today to help out!

More details on the blog, or sign up on Eventbrite.

Popular Music Venues Lose Out In City Permit Scramble

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Last year saw 147 ‘Events’ take place in Austin during SXSW week, primarily around music and the inclusion of temporary stages. All of these required a permit from the City of Austin.

There’s a drive to reduce the size of SXSW in the city, and the council had indicated that there would be an earlier cut-off fate of Feb 5th this year… it also had a hard limit of 120 permits. Those permits were all used up by Tuesday 2nd Feb, and a number of SXSW mainstays had focused on the date cut-off and not the permit limit. Austin360 picks up the story:

Among those caught in the lurch is the South by Southwest Music Festival itself. Festival organizers failed to get in the permit application for St. David’s Church. The downtown church has hosted popular SXSW showcases for years, including capacity shows from Fort Worth soul sensation Leon Bridges and French Cuban sister duo Ibeyi in 2015.

“(The application for) St. David’s church was 24 hours late (or 24 hours early based on the published February 5 deadline depending on how you look at it),” SXSW organizers said Friday morning.

Also caught up was South by San Jose. At this point the permit for the long-running free, family-friendly event that takes place each year in the parking lot of Jo’s Coffee and the Hotel San Jose is up in the air, as it was turned in after the Tuesday cutoff.

As noted, this is a new process that is under review, so it would not surprise us here at SXSW Baby! if the hard limit of 120 is very slightly bendable given the historical weight of some venues. We shall see…

Just How Important Is SXSW To Austin?

Friday, September 18th, 2015

The simple answer is “about two-thirds of a Superbowl”, according to the annual Business Impact Survey commissioned by SXSW and put together by Greyhill Advisors. Chad Swiatecki writing for the Austin Business Journal looks at the report and pulls out the numbers:

The economic impact directly attributed to official SXSW events was $211 million, with the remainder in economic impact being generated by the tourism and cultural activities at the fringe. In terms of media exposure for Austin, the festival generated $90.6 million worth of media coverage. More than 60,000 hotel room nights were booked during the festival.

Growth in terms of income was up 0.7%, but the actual growth of three three main strands was higher, with Interactive up 3.1%, Film up 8%, and music up 8.2%, in terms of attendance. SO Austin has more people coming, but the gains are a bout more marginal.

Still worth it, Austinites?

Has McDonalds Just Jumped The SXSW Shark In A Food Truck

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

The Food Trucks at SXSW (and in Austin generally, but hey, we’re not Do512, we’re SXSW Baby!) provide a great experience and a wide range of flavors and tastes for visitors to the Texan capital. So while it’s like a great corporate sponsorship move for the golden arches, the appearance of a McDonalds Food Truck at SXSW this year has left me feeling a little bit… really?

Austin Eater is looking at the licence application, and it looks like our portable arches, with free wifi, will be at 313 Red River. Meanwhile McDonalds Chief Digital Officer has taken to Medium to explain the thinking. It’s a good read of the strategy:

As a business, we’re always putting our emphasis on the customer, and want to improve the SXSW experience for everyone. We’re planning to showcase how we’re using digital to enhance the consumer experience, and naturally add true value and reduce the inherent frictions for attendees that inevitably occur because of the event’s sheer size. The McDonald’s Lounge will feature our McCafé coffee brand, along with comfortable couches, Wi-Fi, charging stations and televisions streaming various sessions and events, and will be home to salon sessions, panels and hackathons. We’re focused on providing consumer convenience, including a “Fry-Fi” food truck offering attendees free Wi-Fi and McDonald’s World Famous Fries.

The question now is “is this SXSW”?

What Not To Do In Austin

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Congratulations to the team over at The Thrillist, who have managed to put together a useful list of dos and don’ts for anyone visiting Austin. To be fair, once SXSW gets under way the majority of locals are a bit more forthcoming (mostly because they don’t want to annoy anyone spending $1200 a night via AirBNB for their loft apartment). Still, you can’t go far wrong with their 20 things not to do in Austin.

“Hey, wanna go see a movie at Alamo Drafthouse today?”
Everyone else had this idea. Before you. When they bought all the tickets. Enjoy that front row!

All their contrary advice is over here.

What happens to you when you stay at SXSW for too long?

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

I know that you don’t actually move to Austin for SXSW, you just stay there for a little less than two weeks, but with such an intense experience it can feel like you are anchored in the Texan state capital. Perhaps that’s why after so many years of attending SXSW, this Scotsman has a lot of affinity for Postgrad Problem’s ‘27 Things That Will Happen When You Move To Austin‘ article. For example:

6. The first place you got drunk was somewhere on Sixth Street, but you had trouble remembering which part of Sixth Street you got drunk on.

24. If your first festival experience was ACL, people told you, “Just wait ’til SXSW…”

25. If your first festival experience was SXSW, people told you, “Just wait ’til ACL…”

Read on at Post Grad Problems.

Warm over your foodie instincts for SXSW with Culture Map

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Cutlure Map’s Austin section has started (like many) to look ahead to March and SXSW, and I’ve been drawn to their article on ‘unusual menu times in Austin‘:

“I’m a huge fan of Pinthouse Pizza for the pizza and beer, but my favorite thing on the menu is their Pinthouse Salad with spinach, red onion, dried cranberries, blue cheese, candied pecans and poppyseed dressing. A new place that has just opened on the east side is Haymaker. They have a hefty menu of meat and cheese dishes, but their black bean burger is one of the best in town.”

Josh Hare, Hops & Grain Brewery

You can read the full article here, and don;t forget to take notes in your SXSW Notepad for delicacies to try in March. You don’t know about the SXSW Notepad? Swing by tomorrow, we’ll tell you more.