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Hugh Forrest talks about the challenges of SXSW Interactive

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

The Austin Post has sat down with SXSW Intereactive’s oversee’er, Hugh Forrest, to talk about SXSW and its place in the ‘Interactive’ community. The explosion of the first half of the SXSW week is now arguably the largest portion, at least in terms of attendees, and that puts a lot of pressure on both SXSW and the Austin amenities.

It is a challenge at this point for how we manage this growth. Creating these smaller events [such as SXSW V2V] as a way to pull a little growth away from the main event is one strategy. Beyond that, we’re continuing to work a lot with the city in terms of making the downtown area as manageable as possible during the event. We get a lot of great feedback from the community on things we can do to continue to improve the user experience.

As much as the event grows and that’s fun to see, your individual techie doesn’t care that much about who else is there as long as they can make valuable connections. We want to provide a platform where people are inspired by other creative people.

The full interview is available at the Austin Post’s website.