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Six Weeks To Go: Sort out the basics for SXSW 2012

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

You got the Austin buzz yet?

With six weeks to go until we all start packing bags and heading to Texas for the absolute brain-smash that makes up Southby, whether you are doing Interactive, Film, Music, or the whole eleven day marathon, we’ll count down to the departure every Monday here on The Baby to keep you pointed (roughly) in the right direction.

This week, how to suck eggs.

Sort out your badge

Look I know it’s pricey, and you might have problems getting it past whoever oversees your finances (be it the VC, the accounts department, or your partner), but it’s not going to get any cheaper. And last year Interactive sold out before March so the safety net of a walk-up badge was simply not there. Make the decision. Go or no-go. Buy the badge, or walk away.

SXSW 2012 Now until Feb 10 Feb 11 and Walk up rate
$1295 $1395
$1050 $1150
Music $700 $750
Film $550 $595
Interactive $850 $950

You’ll need the official site to do this bit… sxsw.com/attend.

Where are you crashing?

Hotels are in short supply this year, in fact the official Austin hotels are sold out for Interactive (Fri 9 – Wed 14) so you’ll need to look somewhere else. AirBNB might be an option, as are the Austin Craigslist classified. We’ve got a Room Share Forum that might be able to help as well. Ask around your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc, and see if you can find a room buddy for the event – that cuts the cost down as well.

Transport Sorted?

Austin is not in the floo network (I think the clean air act had a huge impact on routes) so you can either road-trip yourself to Austin – in which case get the vehicles booked in for a service before you leave – or you’ll be flying in. Flying in with everyone else to Austin-Bergstrom International. Which means flights will fill up and get more expensive. If you’ve made the call to get here, you do have the flight tickets sorted, booked, and locked down. Right?

Break in the footwear.

I’ll make a prediction right now about your time at SXSW that is 100% going to come true. You will be walking for miles. Every day. Without fail. Put aside the dainty ballet shoes with a sole, forget the fantastically strappy sandals with the kitten heels, or the cool trendy canvas loafers. You need something that supports the ankle, that cushions the impact, that’s comfortable and are broken in!

Simply put, you need a pair of boots made for walking.

You either have them in your closet, or you need to buy them now and start wearing them round the house so your feet won’t get cut to ribbons by the time you to Austin