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20×2 asks "What’s the last thing you remember?" for 2014

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Another stalwart of the evening entertainment at SXSW Interactive is Saturday night’s 20×2 event. The format is simple – the team ask twenty people the same question, and they are each given two minutes on stage. No restrictions on style, presentation, or methods, are given.

If you’ve not been along before, you’re going to find a wild night of entertainment, inventiveness, excitement, adventure, and a theremin (well there was one last year)…

It all goes down at Elysium (7th and Red River) from 7pm on Saturday March 8th. SXSW badge holders get in for free, for everyone else it’s a $10 cover charge.

The speaker list (but not the runnig order) can be found at 20×2.org.

See you there?

What Changed? 20×2 returns to SXSW

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Part of SXSW’s charm is meeting up with old friends and following traditions as well as discovering what’s new in the world. One of those traditional events is 20×2 and they’ve confirmed this year’s details to The Baby!

The premise is a simple one. Twenty speakers each have two minutes on stage to answer the same question. This year… “What changed?

Inventive performances, different angles and viewpoints, from raucous humour to quiet introspection, 20×2 is a roller coaster ride, and this year you can get on board at Elysium (705 Red River) starting at 7pm on Saturday 9th March. A few names have been announced, and yes, I’ll be one of the speakers!

20×2 moves to Friday

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Yes there are lots of new shiny events, fancy clubs, and start-ups with money to burn, but SXSW has many traditional events the regulars all know about. Fray is one of them, and its spiritual sibling 20×2 is another.

A simple premise: you have twenty speakers… they each get two minutes… and they all answer the same question. Now in its 16th year, 20×2 could be a fabulous way to start your Southby. And yes, you did read that right old-timers, start your Southby.

20×2 is moving from its Monday night slot to 8pm on the opening Friday. The new venue is Skinny’s Ballroom, the fun starts at 8pm, we don’t know the question yet, and The Baby! will see you there!

PS: Facebook event page, if you want to be all new and modern and RSVP and stuff.