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New Dates for the SX Health & Medtech Expo

Last years Health and Medtech Expo brought a different slant to the typical SXSW expo, bringing tech companies focused on health and medical fields together at the JW Marriott.

This year it returns a bit early, happening on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13 from 10:00am–6:00pm each day. The event will focus on conversations like Sports, Food and Nutrition, Policy, and Social Good.

Look for the 2016 event to expand the number of exhibitors, broaden and deepen the discussion topics, and make it even more accessible for the SXSW community to participate in the conversation.

Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13 | 10:00am–6:00pm

JW Marriott, 110 East 2nd Street

How to Attend
Open to Platinum, Gold, Film and Interactive badges.

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Final Music Wristbands on sale this Thursday

The final batch of Music Wristbands for SXSW Music 2016 will go on sale this Thursday. The price is $189, and as always they are only on sale for Austin residents and the local areas (as determined by the Zip Code on the payment card). The bands will give access to the music showcases throughout Austin during SXSW (although badge holders will still have priority). More details and the terms and conditions – which you really should read through carefully – are online at wristbands.sxsw.com.

While the wristbands are available to locals in part to recompense them for the disruption in the city, there is a (small) pool of Music Wristbands available to buy for those who live outside of the immediate area. Full details can be found at southbywristbands.com.

BAdges as always are available to purchase at the maine SXSW.com website.

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SXSW Volunteer Call is Sunday January 24th

Want to get access to SXSW events for free? Want to meet great folks and make lifelong friends? Consider volunteering for SXSW!

Every year SXSW recruits a veritable army of volunteers, thousands of them to help setup, run and break down all the events, shows, and parties that comprise the South by Southwest experience.

To meet their goal they hold a Volunteer Call in January each year where you can go and meet the crews, learn more about the responsibilities and time commitments and what perks you can earn.

Volunteer Call Dates and Times
January 24, 2016
3PM to 5PM
Austin Convention Center, Ballroom ABC

This year they have made changes to some details:

- New volunteer types – All-Conference & Music Festival Volunteer

All-Conference Volunteers can schedule hours anytime throughout the 10 days of the SXSWeek, March 11-20, 2016, and be on up to 2 crews. When available, returning All Conference Volunteers may work some of their hours during SXSWedu, March 7-10. All-Conference Volunteers work hours toward a perk of their choice.

Music Festival Volunteers work on ONE crew during the nights of the SXSW Music Festival, March 15-20. Most Music Festival Volunteers must be age 21+. Music Festival Volunteers earn their perks based on the number of hours worked.

- All crews work hours towards perks (no shifts) In the past Conference crews tracked how many hours they worked, while Music Crews tracked whole shifts. This change makes things easier to understand and is more fair.

- New perk requirements (Much fewer hours required!)

Hours                      Perk Reward
24 – 47 hours            VOLUNTEER SXSWedu BADGE, or 2 SXSW VOLUNTEER T-SHIRTS
48 – 63 hours            VOLUNTEER GOLD or MUSIC BADGE
64 hours or more     VOLUNTEER PLATINUM BADGE (reserved for Returning Volunteers)

- No Conference Crew Walk-thru (this was always a Bataan Death March through the Convention Center)
- Shorter Pre-event Meetings
- Easier sign-up process for Out of Town Volunteers

SXSW also takes Out of town volunteers, so even if you’re not from the area, go check out volunteer.sxsw.com to learn more.

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Workshop Announced For UK’s SXSW Artists

There’s something about music from the UK that SXSW really enjoys, so it’s great to see the UK’s Performing Rights Society (PRS) supporting performers heading out to SXSW Music. Not only is the organisation supplying  financial support to fourteen artists to get to Austin (more details here, including Liverpool’s Stealing Sheep, who really should be on your radar), it is also offering a workshop for every UK-based performer heading out to Austin next month.

The Foundation will be hosting a workshop for all UK-based artists who have been invited to perform at SXSW which is to take place on Friday, February 12 in London at the PRS office in Kings Cross. Please contact/RSVP by emailing bhavesh@prsformusicfoundation.com.

I do hope the workshop reminds everyone to try and avoid the midday sun… us Brits burn very easily under the Texan light!

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2016 Venue Changes: Vimeo Theater Moves; Trade Show expands

So I was poking around the SXSW site for 2016 and while checking out the Trade Show information I noticed that it listed it as being in Exhibit Halls 2, 3, & 4. In recent years, the Trade show has been in Exhibit Halls 3 & 4. Furthermore, the Film Festival venue in the Austin Convention Center has been in Exhibit Hall 2 in the last few years, having moved from it’s previous home in Exhibit Hall 5, where the Music Gear Expo now resides.

Here is a diagram for reference (Bottom of image Trinity St, Right side is Cesar Chavez)
ACC Level 1

I was a little confused by this, especially since schedules and venues haven’t been updated as yet for the Film screenings, so I reached out to the intrepid crew at SXSW Film to get clarification.

Well, the answer is there are big changes at the Convention Center this year – B I G changes.

The Trade show is indeed expanding to utilize three full Exhibit Halls and Film Venue will move around the corner to utilize Ballrooms A & B, which were previously used for Panels I believe.

This may actually be better for the Film Venue, although a little further to walk to, the proximity to Cesar Chavez may may for an easier and quicker Film Shuttle route.

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It’s that time of year… check your visa!

By our count it’s fifty-one days until SXSW Interactive kicks off, and no doubt there are tens of thousands of Southby attendees coming from overseas. Take a little bit of time out of your day to check you’ll still be allowed into America!

There have been a number of changes to the US Visa Waiver program that could make you ineligible to travel, even if your country has an agreement with the US. Check carefully that you are still eligible, and make sure you have a valid ESTA application in place before you travel.

And oif you have to apply for a visa, you;ve (just about) got enough time left if you start the process now.

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Convergence: Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some” Premiere & Panel

A small snippet in the recent Interactive Featured Speaker announcement mentioned that Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some” premiere (and related panel) is part of the SXSports which is a Convergence track. This means anyone with an Interactive badge can attend, along with Film, Gold, and Platinum badges.


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