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Things To Do Today at SXSW: Monday March 17th

Monday, March 17th, 2014

•  Really, Go home!

Things To Do Today at SXSW: Sunday March 16th

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

•  Barbecue and Softball Tournament 
12:30PM – 5:00PM Krieg Fields

•  Go Home


“Must-See” Film at SXSW 2014: “Butterfly Girl”

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Butterfly Girl Abigail Evans

Not wanting to fight the downtown traffic and crowds but want to catch another SXSW film with great music and engaging characters?

Get over to the SXSW Satellite: Marchesa (6406 N IH-35, Austin TX 78752) near Highland Mall for the final screening of “Butterfly Girl” at 7 pm this evening. This film is a captivating story about 18 year old Abigail Evans who longs for a normal transition from teenager to adulthood.

Unfortunately for Abbie, she was born with a genetic skin disease that causes intense blisters on and within her body. She must be extremely cautious about physical activity as her skin can slough off easily, leaving her susceptible to infections. Abbie has depended on her divorced parents as caretakers throughout her life, but longs for independence and freedom to do as she likes.

Writer and director Cary Bell effectively captures the essence of Abbie — strong-willed, determined, bubbly — even as she struggles with the life-altering decision to have major surgery on one of her hands to separate the fused fingers. Abbie is just as stubborn when it comes to working the merch table at shows for her dad, local musician John Evans, but we always see the strong bonds between Abbie and her parents.

Editor Jessica Miller expertly fuses together Abbie’s home life with that on the road with her father or at the hospital for consultation or surgeries by her expert medical team.

A special Q & A tonight moderated by Austin Film Society Associate Creative Director Holly Herrick will feature members of Abbie’s medical team, so don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about a young woman who lived so brightly in her short life — unfortunately Abbie passed away in her sleep in December of 2013, and missed an opportunity to see the final cut of “Butterfly Girl”.


SXSW Film Audience Award Winners!

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

SXSW Film has announced the winners of the Audience Award Competition, they are:

Narrative Feature Competition: Before I Disappear
Director: Shawn Christensen
Stateside Theatre, 6:30pm

Episodic: Silicon Valley
Director: Mike Judge
Vimeo Theater, 7:00pm

SXGlobal: The Special Need
Director: Carlo Zoratti
Ritz 2, 7:00pm

Documentary Spotlight: DamNation
Directors: Ben Knight, Travis Rummel
Topfer at ZACH, 7:00pm

Documentary Feature Competition: Vessel
Director: Diana Whitten
Stateside Theatre, 9:15pm

Festival Favorites: The Case Against 8
Directors: Ben Cotner and Ryan White
Vimeo at ACC, 9:30pm

Visions: Yakona
Directors: Anlo Sepulveda and Paul Collins
Ritz 1 & 2, 9:30pm

Narrative Spotlight: Cesar Chavez
Director: Diego Luna
Topfer at ZACH, 9:30pm

Midnighters: Exists
Director: Eduardo Sánchez
Ritz 1 & 2, Midnight

Audience Award Winner: Big Significant Things
Designer: Corey Holmes

Audience Award Winner: True Detective
Designer: Patrick Clair for Elastic

Things To Do Today at SXSW: Saturday March 15th

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Here are more highlights from the SXSW schedule, as chosen by the SXSW Baby! team:

Music Panels

•  Rise of the Remix: Art, Business, Engagement
2:00pm ACC Room 17A


• The Infinite Man
2:00pm  Ritz 1

• The Winding Stream
7:00pm  Ritz 1


 •  Heymoonshaker
11:00pm BD Rileys

 •  Cello Fury
1:00am Victorian Room, Driskill Hotel

Things To do today at SXSW: Friday March 14th

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Here are more highlights from the SXSW schedule, as chosen by the SXSW Baby! team:

Music Panels

•  In-store radio: 200m Potential Fans
5:00pm ACC Room 17A


• A Night in Old Mexico
11:00am  Topfer

• Space Station 76
9:30pm  Stateside


 •  Ezra Furman
12:00am Valhalla

 •  Band of Skulls
12:40am Mohawk Outdoor

“Must-See” Film at SXSW 2014: “Big in Japan”

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Big in Japan Still PhotoSXSW Music is in full force, but there’s still time to catch some of the great films that premiered earlier this week during SXSW Film. One of the film that stands out the most and represents the frustrations and challenges experienced by musicians is Big in Japan from writer/director John Jeffcoat, playing tonight at 9:30 pm at Alamo Ritz.

This quirky fictionalized story about real life Seattle-based band Tennis Pro is humorous and engaging. The band’s experiences as they attempt to find success abroad are both magical and realistic.

Like his previous film “Outsourced” which was based in India, Jeffcoat embraces and respects the local culture as he reveals its nuances. Tennis Pro members and non-actors Phillip Peterson, David Drury, and Sean Lowry effectively embrace their characters that engages and entertains.

The guerilla-style cinematography is well-suited for the intimacy of the seedy hotel and basement nightclubs that the band frequents on this road trip tale of three musicians just trying to prove to themselves and others that they can find success with their music.

I guarantee that after watching Big in Japan, you will be humming a Tennis Pro tune, thirsting for sake, or wanting to book a trip to Japan — Ramen Tatsu-ya, anyone?

Get a free download of Tennis Pro’s “Rock Over Tokyo” on Gridtrax here.