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SXSW Film Announces Midnighters, Shorts, and More!

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

SXSW has announced the remaining selections for the 2016 Festival.

Midnighters will include:

“Carnage Park”
“I Am a Hero” (Japan)
“Jack Goes Home”
“Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word”
“My Father Die”
“PHANTASM: Remastered”
“Under the Shadow” (Jordan, Qatar, UK)
Untitled Fede Alvarez/Ghost House Thriller

Festival Favorites now include:

“Chevalier” (Greece)
“Free In Deed”
“The Greasy Strangler”
“Hunt For The Wilderpeople” (New Zealand)
“Morris from America”
“Operation Avalanche”
“Presenting Princess Shaw” (Israel)
Director: Ido Haar
“Richard Linklater – dream is destiny”
“Sing Street” (USA/Ireland)

In addition there are several free public screenings under Special Events:

  • Doug Benson & Master Pancake Interrupt Leprechaun 4: In Space
  • Free SXSW Outdoor Film Screening – Darkon: 10th Anniversary screening. This screening will take place on Saturday, March 12 and is open to the public with the free SXSW Guest Pass.
  • Free SXSW Outdoor Film Screening – Heavy Metal Parking Lot: 30th Anniversary ScreeningThis screening will take place on Saturday, March 12 and is open to the public with the free SXSW Guest Pass.
  • Free SXSW Outdoor Film Screening – Smokey and the Bandit with an intro by The Bandit himself, Mr. Burt Reynolds. This screening will take place on Sunday, March 13 and is open to the public with the free SXSW Guest Pass.
  • Free SXSW Outdoor Film Screening – Cartoon Network presents: The Powerpuff Girls. This screening will take place on Monday, March 14 and is open to the public with the free SXSW Guest Pass.

Before the broadcast debut of the newly re-imagined series this Spring, Cartoon Network will take over the Long Center in Austin and host a fun-filled event under the stars to celebrate the premiere of The Powerpuff Girls! Join us and be amongst the first in the world to see episodes from the new series, along with fun, food, and surprises galore. (World Premiere)

  • Last Night at the Alamo

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Last Call for Vols

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Hey Babies!
Welcome to a new year of SXSW!!!

If you have ever wanted to volunteer for SXSW-now is the perfect time. Hour requirements to gain perks have been lessened, so it is easier to earn a badge.

Last vol call for this year is…

FEBRUARY 6th, from 3p to 6p, at Austin Convention Center (ACC).

Head here to get all the info you need.

Keep checking back here for more news, Babies! Till next time…

SXSW Film Announces Feature Film Lineup

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

The SXSW Film Geeks have been busy! This is the first bit of news on the Film Screenings that will be at SXSW 2016. Midnighters and Shorts will be announced on February 16th. Here is a quick summary from their site:

139 features will be shown, with additional titles forthcoming. The complete lineup will consist of 89 World Premieres, 13 North American Premieres, and 8 U.S. Premieres, selected from over 2,450 feature-length submissions. First-time filmmakers account for 52 films, continuing the SXSW tradition of showcasing independent discoveries from up-and-coming directors.

Also this year, there will be wider access to the film screenings as follows:

Music Badges
Enjoy continued access to the 24 Beats Per Second screening section, as well as newly added access to Episodics and designated SouthBites screenings. Look for the green dots on the SXSW online schedule to see which films you can attend.

Interactive Badges
Soak in creative work with newly added access to Episodics, as well as designated SouthBites, SXsports, and SXstyle screenings. Look for the orange dots on the SXSW online schedule to see which films you can attend.

And now, after the fold, the films!


SXSW Volunteer Call is Sunday January 24th

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Want to get access to SXSW events for free? Want to meet great folks and make lifelong friends? Consider volunteering for SXSW!

Every year SXSW recruits a veritable army of volunteers, thousands of them to help setup, run and break down all the events, shows, and parties that comprise the South by Southwest experience.

To meet their goal they hold a Volunteer Call in January each year where you can go and meet the crews, learn more about the responsibilities and time commitments and what perks you can earn.

Volunteer Call Dates and Times
January 24, 2016
3PM to 5PM
Austin Convention Center, Ballroom ABC

This year they have made changes to some details:

- New volunteer types – All-Conference & Music Festival Volunteer

All-Conference Volunteers can schedule hours anytime throughout the 10 days of the SXSWeek, March 11-20, 2016, and be on up to 2 crews. When available, returning All Conference Volunteers may work some of their hours during SXSWedu, March 7-10. All-Conference Volunteers work hours toward a perk of their choice.

Music Festival Volunteers work on ONE crew during the nights of the SXSW Music Festival, March 15-20. Most Music Festival Volunteers must be age 21+. Music Festival Volunteers earn their perks based on the number of hours worked.

- All crews work hours towards perks (no shifts) In the past Conference crews tracked how many hours they worked, while Music Crews tracked whole shifts. This change makes things easier to understand and is more fair.

- New perk requirements (Much fewer hours required!)

Hours                      Perk Reward
24 – 47 hours            VOLUNTEER SXSWedu BADGE, or 2 SXSW VOLUNTEER T-SHIRTS
48 – 63 hours            VOLUNTEER GOLD or MUSIC BADGE
64 hours or more     VOLUNTEER PLATINUM BADGE (reserved for Returning Volunteers)

- No Conference Crew Walk-thru (this was always a Bataan Death March through the Convention Center)
- Shorter Pre-event Meetings
- Easier sign-up process for Out of Town Volunteers

SXSW also takes Out of town volunteers, so even if you’re not from the area, go check out volunteer.sxsw.com to learn more.

2016 Venue Changes: Vimeo Theater Moves; Trade Show expands

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

So I was poking around the SXSW site for 2016 and while checking out the Trade Show information I noticed that it listed it as being in Exhibit Halls 2, 3, & 4. In recent years, the Trade show has been in Exhibit Halls 3 & 4. Furthermore, the Film Festival venue in the Austin Convention Center has been in Exhibit Hall 2 in the last few years, having moved from it’s previous home in Exhibit Hall 5, where the Music Gear Expo now resides.

Here is a diagram for reference (Bottom of image Trinity St, Right side is Cesar Chavez)
ACC Level 1

I was a little confused by this, especially since schedules and venues haven’t been updated as yet for the Film screenings, so I reached out to the intrepid crew at SXSW Film to get clarification.

Well, the answer is there are big changes at the Convention Center this year – B I G changes.

The Trade show is indeed expanding to utilize three full Exhibit Halls and Film Venue will move around the corner to utilize Ballrooms A & B, which were previously used for Panels I believe.

This may actually be better for the Film Venue, although a little further to walk to, the proximity to Cesar Chavez may may for an easier and quicker Film Shuttle route.

Convergence: Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some” Premiere & Panel

Monday, January 11th, 2016

A small snippet in the recent Interactive Featured Speaker announcement mentioned that Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some” premiere (and related panel) is part of the SXSports which is a Convergence track. This means anyone with an Interactive badge can attend, along with Film, Gold, and Platinum badges.


SXSW Opening Night Film Trailer

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Can you believe that SXSW is a mere 2 months away? Where does the time go?

The intrepid SXSW Film crew announced last fall that the opening night film will be Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some“. Initially I was disinterested, as I usually steer towards the Documentary films, and that I expect that the film will in theaters shortly after the festival anyway.

That all changed for me this week.

I saw on the SXSW site and I saw they’ve posted the trailer, so I gave it a look. Now, like David Lee Roth once crooned, I want some too. Linklater gave us High School in the ’70s with “Dazed and Confused” now he gives us college life in the ’80s. It’s on my must-see-this-at-SXSW list and I’m telling everyone who’ll listen about it.

Sue me, I came of age in the ’80s and it was the best decade EVAR.

Check out the trailer for yourself here.