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The Best Of Scottish Once More At SXSW Music

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

I’ll be honest here, Pete Reid has picked out ten great Scottish bands who are going to be playing SXSW< and I doubt I’ll see any of them. Not because they’re rubbish (far from it), but I can pop down the road here in Edinburgh and see them at mu local clubs… for all you in Austin, or coming from further afield this is your chance to see what we listen to on the east side of the Atlantic:

Dave ArcariFathersonHector BizerkHoly EsqueRoddy Hart & The Lonesome FireThe Twilight SadUnited FruitHoneybloodMungo’s Hi Fi, and Kode 9.

And the annual Scottish Showcase is at the ‘British Embassy’ as usual:

The Scottish acts will be performing to thousands of industry representatives and fans at a number of showcases during the festival including Showcasing Scotland at SXSW 2015, presented by Creative Scotland at the British Music Embassy. The Showcasing Scotland concert provides a spotlight for Scotland’s presence at SXSW, attracting industry professionals and music lovers. Dates and further details to be announced shortly. To keep up to date with latest news, follow @creativescots@scotsxsw and #scotsxsw.


Operation Every Band’s Pick of the Week From SXSW Music

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

With four weeks to go until SXSW kicks off, it’s time to settle in and explore the music, with help from our good friends over at Operation Every Band. So, over to Kevin!

Welcome back to another year of cream-of-the-crop picks from Operation Every Band, sharing our favorites with our friends at SXSW Baby! (ooh, snap! – Ewan). This year’s batch is as good as any, avoiding too many top-draw names to focus on the best of what’s next for the independent and mainstream realms.

Grammys’ highlights Sam Smith and Hozier were relative unknowns gigging around Austin last March, taking only a few months to go from ‘new faces’ to ‘mega-stardom.’ Who will play that role this year? Check out the artists that have the OEB Team buzzing and get on-board by clicking through the site, the spreadsheet and our lovable Donation Packages for anyone looking for a immersive guide to who to see, when to see them and where to go see them next.

This week, Circa Waves, Emmy the Great, Fyfe, Mick Jenkins, and Huntar.


No iTunes Festival for 2015

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Well, the talk of the town from last year’s SXSW Music isn’t coming back. We’ve a bit of a love/hate relationship with the  iTunes Festival that rolled into Austin last year. Eric loved the organisation, vibe, and ticket allocation of Cupertino’s fest promotional vehicle. On the other hand I didn’t like the way it sucked the mainstream media’s attention away from the indie artists and smaller stars that make up SXSW.

Lets see how we get on without a great big Apple invasion this year, and let’s get the focus back on the new music.

Turning Japanese For The Twentieth Time

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Those new to SXSW Music will know there are many parties and single events throughout the festival. With almost every SXSW Music event a one-off, you might not be aware that some of these events are more established than others. THen there’s Japan Night, which has been around for a ridiculous length of time time in Austin.

This year Japan Night will be twenty years old, and if you’re looking for something that’s not your Ryan Seacrest/Superbowl Show style material, head to The Elysium on March 20th. The bill includes the US debut of  Moumoon; Japanese folk from Pirates Canoe, and The fin; rock from TsuShiMaMiRe and Quorum; and a blast of eastern power-punk from Mahousyoujo-ni-naritai and Samurai Dynamites.

More details at japan-nite.com.

SXSW Lounges: Make Time to Chill

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

One of the best aspects of SXSW is the serendipity of networking with those around you, making new friends, finding new products and services, and maybe just catching your breath. For me, there is no place better to do this than at one of the many SXSW Lounges that the festival makes available to registrants.

Here is a run-down of some of the better lounges, expect to see more as we get closer to SXSW Week.

Registrants Lounge
March 13 – 21 // 11am-7pm
Brush Square Park

Open throughout Interactive, Film & Music, the official Registrants Lounge is a convenient and relaxing meeting point for SXSW attendees. Stop by each day for a complimentary drink courtesy of our sponsors or for one of our several networking events.

Casa Brasil
March 13-18 // 2pm-10pm
102 Trinity Street, (corner Trinity and Cesar Chavez)

MVPindex Sports Lounge
March 13 // 11am – 6pm
March 14 – 16 // 9am – 6pm
March 17 // 9am – 5pm
The Four Seasons Hotel, Stone’s Crossing – 98 San Jacinto Blvd
Food, drinks, and charging stations available.

PBS Anywhere Lounge
March 13 // 11am – 6pm
March 14 – 16 // 9am – 6pm
March 17 // 9am – 5pm
Austin Convention Center – Room 1

3M Interactive Lounge
March 13-15 // 9:30am – 5:30pm
Brush Square Park West, 409 E 5th St

The Girls’ Lounge @ SXSW
March 13 – 15 // 9am – 7pm
310-B E 3rd St
The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge energizes self, soul and sisterhood by providing a ‘girls only’ environment where we advocate for each other, inspire confidence and ignite sparks that drive real change.

Lounge in the IBM Cloud
March 13th // 11am – 6pm
March 14 – 16 // 9am – 6pm
March 17 // 9am – 5pm
Hilton, Room 406 – 500 E 4th St

PayPal Social Media Lounge (hosted by TechSet)
March 13 // 11am – 6pm
March 14 – 16 // 9am – 6pm
March 17 // 9am – 5pm
Austin Convention Center – Room 19AB
The PayPal Social Media Lounge, hosted by TechSet is returning to SXSW. You’ll be able to get your caffeine fix at our coffee bar, pick up essentials at the PayPal store, and recharge yourself and your devices at one of our many work stations. We’ll also be featuring a can’t miss lineup of content and speakers throughout each day of Interactive Week. See you there!

The TripIt Lounge
March 14 – 15  // 9am – 5pm
Four Elements, 314 Congress Ave Ste 200
Recharge yourself and your gadgets, in first-class style. Geek out on travel with globetrotting experts and refuel on Austin-inspired bites. Check TripIt.com/blog for the full schedule.

Get Your [SXSW] App On

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Tying in with your SXsocial account and all the planning you have been doing with the SXSW.com scheduler, the SXSW Go mobile app has been updated for 2015 and is now available to download from your online app stores.

McKenzie Jones, for SXSW:

SXSW Go allows you to browse our lineup and create your personal schedule, then log in to sync it with your other devices. You can also interact with other attendees by virtually participating in events, locating venues, getting directions and activating your SXSocial account to network and connect with friends!

New this year in the app is the “Around Me” feature, which shows which venues are around you, what’s happening at each, and which of your SXSocial contacts are nearby. Join a session discussion with other attendees and participate in real-time audience polls with SessionLive, now with more sessions for 2015. For a full list of features, check out the Mobile Guide.

Download the iOS or Android versions now.

Music Wristband Sales for 2015

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

The SXSW Music team have announced wristband info for 2015. The first batch of the bands that give local residents access to the music showcases go on sale on January 22nd at 10am Central time for $169 per wristband, with a maximum of two wristbands able to be purchased by any individual.

Do read the terms and conditions carefully, you need to have a credit card registered in a limited number of postcode areas, and the name on the credit card must match one of the names associated with a wristband.

The wristbands are not a substitute for a SXSW Music badge. They are intended for Austin locals so they can experience the music of the festival at a reduced cost compared to the visitors to the city, or those attending the Conference sessions. IN essence the lower price and restricted availability means the wristbands could be seen as a ‘thank you for letting us cause all this havoc in Austin’.

If you’re ready to buy, head over to wristbands.sxsw.com.