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Popular Music Venues Lose Out In City Permit Scramble

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Last year saw 147 ‘Events’ take place in Austin during SXSW week, primarily around music and the inclusion of temporary stages. All of these required a permit from the City of Austin.

There’s a drive to reduce the size of SXSW in the city, and the council had indicated that there would be an earlier cut-off fate of Feb 5th this year… it also had a hard limit of 120 permits. Those permits were all used up by Tuesday 2nd Feb, and a number of SXSW mainstays had focused on the date cut-off and not the permit limit. Austin360 picks up the story:

Among those caught in the lurch is the South by Southwest Music Festival itself. Festival organizers failed to get in the permit application for St. David’s Church. The downtown church has hosted popular SXSW showcases for years, including capacity shows from Fort Worth soul sensation Leon Bridges and French Cuban sister duo Ibeyi in 2015.

“(The application for) St. David’s church was 24 hours late (or 24 hours early based on the published February 5 deadline depending on how you look at it),” SXSW organizers said Friday morning.

Also caught up was South by San Jose. At this point the permit for the long-running free, family-friendly event that takes place each year in the parking lot of Jo’s Coffee and the Hotel San Jose is up in the air, as it was turned in after the Tuesday cutoff.

As noted, this is a new process that is under review, so it would not surprise us here at SXSW Baby! if the hard limit of 120 is very slightly bendable given the historical weight of some venues. We shall see…

Last Call for Vols

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Hey Babies!
Welcome to a new year of SXSW!!!

If you have ever wanted to volunteer for SXSW-now is the perfect time. Hour requirements to gain perks have been lessened, so it is easier to earn a badge.

Last vol call for this year is…

FEBRUARY 6th, from 3p to 6p, at Austin Convention Center (ACC).

Head here to get all the info you need.

Keep checking back here for more news, Babies! Till next time…

I Trust MPress Fest Will Deliver

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

There are lots of showcases from labels at SXSW, lots of ‘multiple performers on one bill’ going on under the official SXSW banner, and we’re not going to mention all of them (that is, after all, what the official site should be doing)… But we’re going to highlight a few favourites as March approaches, starting with MPressFest.

I’ve been at SXSW Music too many times to remember, and every year I’ve dropped in (at some point) to Rachael Sage’s gig at the Soho Lounge because I trust her to put together some great music on the roster. So this is a case of ‘not looking at the line-up, don’t need to, I trust Sage.’

You should too.

Come join MPress Records for our 10th Annual MPressFest at SXSW 2016 and enjoy an afternoon of free cocktails, free food and amazing music! Performers include A Fragile Tomorrow, Rachael Sage & The Sequins, Seth Glier, K’s Choice and more!

More details and RSVP at Eventbrite. 

Artists Beware… ‘Pay To Play’ SXSW Unofficial Gigs On The Rise

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Austin360 writes about the experiences of many bands as promoters tempt them to ‘play SXSW’ by buying up a spot in a playbill. Not only are many of these events taking place before the SXSW Music week, but you don’t pay to play at SXSW. If someone is asking for cash, it’s an unaffiliated event. Deborath Stith:

We asked SXSW representatives about the event and they said they will investigate. They also directed us to this page on SXSW Pay-to-Play scams.

“SXSW never charges our artists to perform at an official showcase; we operate on a strict invitation-only policy. We do not condone these solicitations in any way, and are actively doing everything we can to protect artists from becoming victims of these “pay-to-play” scams… SXSW’s application process is closed and SXSW will not ask you to pay-to-play at the festival.”

Of course there is an investment for bands to play SXSW (including transport, kit, accommodation, and expenses on the ground in Austin), and paying to play a gig is not strictly a scam if you actually play the gig. But let’s stress once more the key message. SXSW will not ask you to pay if you want to play an official showcase. Got that? Good.

Here endeth the PSA.

Tony Visconti announced as SXSW Music’s opening keynote

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

There’s no doubt that Tony Visconti has a fascinating story to tell. As the co-producer on David Bowie’s momentous ‘Blackstar‘ album he is very much of ‘the now’, but his back catalogue is packed full of work with bands like U2, T-Rex, The Moody Blues, Thin Lizzy, and more. He’s the sort of speaker that will captivate a room and become one of the hidden gems of someone’s SXSW.

He’s also the first keynote to be announced for SXSW Music 2016, which is a very powerful position to occupy. It just feels a little bit… too soon, I guess.

Final Music Wristbands on sale this Thursday

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

The final batch of Music Wristbands for SXSW Music 2016 will go on sale this Thursday. The price is $189, and as always they are only on sale for Austin residents and the local areas (as determined by the Zip Code on the payment card). The bands will give access to the music showcases throughout Austin during SXSW (although badge holders will still have priority). More details and the terms and conditions – which you really should read through carefully – are online at wristbands.sxsw.com.

While the wristbands are available to locals in part to recompense them for the disruption in the city, there is a (small) pool of Music Wristbands available to buy for those who live outside of the immediate area. Full details can be found at southbywristbands.com.

BAdges as always are available to purchase at the maine SXSW.com website.

SXSW Volunteer Call is Sunday January 24th

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Want to get access to SXSW events for free? Want to meet great folks and make lifelong friends? Consider volunteering for SXSW!

Every year SXSW recruits a veritable army of volunteers, thousands of them to help setup, run and break down all the events, shows, and parties that comprise the South by Southwest experience.

To meet their goal they hold a Volunteer Call in January each year where you can go and meet the crews, learn more about the responsibilities and time commitments and what perks you can earn.

Volunteer Call Dates and Times
January 24, 2016
3PM to 5PM
Austin Convention Center, Ballroom ABC

This year they have made changes to some details:

- New volunteer types – All-Conference & Music Festival Volunteer

All-Conference Volunteers can schedule hours anytime throughout the 10 days of the SXSWeek, March 11-20, 2016, and be on up to 2 crews. When available, returning All Conference Volunteers may work some of their hours during SXSWedu, March 7-10. All-Conference Volunteers work hours toward a perk of their choice.

Music Festival Volunteers work on ONE crew during the nights of the SXSW Music Festival, March 15-20. Most Music Festival Volunteers must be age 21+. Music Festival Volunteers earn their perks based on the number of hours worked.

- All crews work hours towards perks (no shifts) In the past Conference crews tracked how many hours they worked, while Music Crews tracked whole shifts. This change makes things easier to understand and is more fair.

- New perk requirements (Much fewer hours required!)

Hours                      Perk Reward
24 – 47 hours            VOLUNTEER SXSWedu BADGE, or 2 SXSW VOLUNTEER T-SHIRTS
48 – 63 hours            VOLUNTEER GOLD or MUSIC BADGE
64 hours or more     VOLUNTEER PLATINUM BADGE (reserved for Returning Volunteers)

- No Conference Crew Walk-thru (this was always a Bataan Death March through the Convention Center)
- Shorter Pre-event Meetings
- Easier sign-up process for Out of Town Volunteers

SXSW also takes Out of town volunteers, so even if you’re not from the area, go check out volunteer.sxsw.com to learn more.