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Things To Do Today at SXSW: Thursday March 10th

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Here are some highlights from the SXSW schedule, as chosen by the SXSW Baby! team:


•  Go To Austin

•  Pick up your Badge!
Registration is open from 9am-11pm at the Austin Convention Center – Exhibit Hall 5


•  Pre-SXSW Startup Crawl 
5:00PM – 10:00PM

CAPITAL FACTORY 701 Brazos Street, Suite 1601



Permits, events, and old-fashioned detective work

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

You might recall Austin City Council has cut back on the permits for events at SXSW this year (SXSW Baby, Feb ), so the release of all of the issued permits makes for interesting reading. It also gives an idea of some of the events that are going to be happening downtown during the ten days.

Deborah Stith has went through the names and dates with a fine toothed comb, like a modern-day musical Columbo:

  • Pandora has an event set for 710-718 Red River St, 710 is Hoboken Pizza and 718 is Valhalla, could this be a block party on the street?
  • SXSW Film will host outdoor screenings on the Long Center Terrace. Also, there’s going to be a “Power Puff Girls” premiere parade at the Long Center.
  • This year’s Spotify House will be at Nuevo Leon on East Sixth Street.
  • A series of Samsung events and a Capital Live Entertainment event were denied because they came in after the cutoff, although they were submitted on Feb. 5, the original deadline the city advertised. There is, however, a Samsung event taking place at the old Downtown post office on Guadalupe.

Pick out your highlights at Austin 360.

Can SXSW solve the ‘how to get money to artists’ problem?

Monday, February 15th, 2016

One of the great benefits of SXSW is that it puts lots of smart people from a number of disciplines into the same place and encourages them to share ideas. Ten years ago the Interactive, Film, and Music strands were very much separate. That’s not the case now, with crossover days, shared sessions, and events like the Third Music Hackathon.

Brent Wistrom looks at this year’s event, which is going to focus on how to get money from listeners to artists:

That’s been done. But there’s plenty of room for big innovations in music. And with the Grammy’s this weekend, how we listen, how artists innovate and how they get paid is on everyone’s mind. This year’s SXSW Music Hackathon asks hackers to team up on ways to get cash directly to artists and rights-holders; new ways to boost music performances with tech; and ways to improve the listening experience.

That’s a huge window for innovation from your earbuds to your fingertips to beacon technology. Hackers will have 24 hours to execute on the next big thing.

Any SXSW badge colour will give you access to the event. It runs from 3pm on Tuesday 15th, through to 2pm the next day.

You knew the Techset were coming, you just wanted us to say yes

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

There are a number of annual fixtures that SXSW regulars look for, and one of them is the TechSet Lounge during Interactive.

The Comcast Social Media Lounge hosted by TechSet is back for its ninth year. Comcast will bring the best of media and tech together with your favorite influencers. Stop by to caffeinate and connect, relax and recharge. It’s your SX HQ!

This year’s lounge is obviously sponsored by Comcast, you can find it in its now-traditional spot of Room 19 AB on the fourth floor of the Austin Convention Centre, and all that needs to be done is to RSVP at this link. We’ll be there grabbing some coffee, some ethernet cables, and a lot of power to keep everything charged.

See you there!

Top Tips For Perfect Pitches In Austin

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Under a month to go, and no doubt many of you who are preparing sessions, presentations, and company pitches are needing a bit of reassurance. In which case Bicad Media has put together a set of top tips to create a great pitch at SXSW.

If you are an early stage startup, SXSW Accelerator is perhaps, the brightest spotlight that can shine on your product. Crafting an exceptional pitch deck for SXSW is a great beginning and a game well-begun is half won already. As the designers of the 2015 SXSW’s winning pitch deck, here are some vital insights BICAD offers for startups looking to crushing it this season:

You might also think about how these apply to the other pitch made at SXSW… when you ‘pitch’ yourself in the hallways, bars, clubs, and queues of the event. Always be ready to bring your ‘I’m brilliant!’ game.

Talk to the Baby, because we can’t find everybody!

Monday, February 8th, 2016

It goes without saying, but a lot of the fun of SXSW is meeting new people, finding out new ideas, discovering the hidden gem of a band or a beautiful slice of film. BUt it’s the people and the connections that really drive SXSW. With that in mind, if you’ve got news for us here at SXSW Baby, want to show us something in Austin over coffee, or want to be interviewed on the podcast/radio show we run in March…

you need to get in touch with us!

Popular Music Venues Lose Out In City Permit Scramble

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Last year saw 147 ‘Events’ take place in Austin during SXSW week, primarily around music and the inclusion of temporary stages. All of these required a permit from the City of Austin.

There’s a drive to reduce the size of SXSW in the city, and the council had indicated that there would be an earlier cut-off fate of Feb 5th this year… it also had a hard limit of 120 permits. Those permits were all used up by Tuesday 2nd Feb, and a number of SXSW mainstays had focused on the date cut-off and not the permit limit. Austin360 picks up the story:

Among those caught in the lurch is the South by Southwest Music Festival itself. Festival organizers failed to get in the permit application for St. David’s Church. The downtown church has hosted popular SXSW showcases for years, including capacity shows from Fort Worth soul sensation Leon Bridges and French Cuban sister duo Ibeyi in 2015.

“(The application for) St. David’s church was 24 hours late (or 24 hours early based on the published February 5 deadline depending on how you look at it),” SXSW organizers said Friday morning.

Also caught up was South by San Jose. At this point the permit for the long-running free, family-friendly event that takes place each year in the parking lot of Jo’s Coffee and the Hotel San Jose is up in the air, as it was turned in after the Tuesday cutoff.

As noted, this is a new process that is under review, so it would not surprise us here at SXSW Baby! if the hard limit of 120 is very slightly bendable given the historical weight of some venues. We shall see…