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Baby Boards – Room Share for SXSW

As 2016′s SXSW gets ever closer starts, and the Housing Desk at SXSW is already closed for the majority of SXSW Interactive, we’re going to re-open The Baby! Boards forum/page to help everyone out with their sleeping arrangements. This little corner of The Baby! is here so you can offer up beds, couches and crash space, or put in a request for your visit to Austin.

We can’t take any responsibility for any connections or offers made here, so be safe, use your head, and don’t forget to apply a little bit of common sense.

Saying that, best of luck, and hopefully The Baby! team will see you in March!

PS. Once you have sorted out a room, or someone has taken the offer, can you reply to the comments so everyone else knows it’s no longer an option?

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