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Baby Boards

A long time ago, SXSW Baby was all forum… then it was a blog and a forum… then mostly blog and a bit of forum. Frankly the spam and maintenance on a forum was killing us, so last year we closed the forums, and left one page open for people to interact in the comments. That was the Room Share page, to help people to find crash space in Austin during SXSW.

That seemed to work, so we’l be doing the same again, except we’re going to open up a few more communal pages with threaded comments for you to go wild in. But go wild in a respectful and polite way, or we’ll get the mod-stick out!

The Baby! Boards – Room Share
Helping connect people with crash space and spare beds with those looking for accommodation in Austin during SXSW.

The Baby! Boards – Interactive
From Web 2.0 and social media, to marketing and start-ups, talk about the biggest part of SXSW, the Interactive strand.

The Baby! Boards – Film
Stars of the silver screen come to Austin for SXSW Film, from full length features, to midnight masterpieces, shorts, trailers, and everything else.

The Baby! Boards – Music
This is how it all started, and when you say SXSW with nothing else, you really mean music. Don’t you?


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