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Two Wonderful Films at SXSW

So I normally do not take time during SXSW week to post about films I’ve seen. I usually use Twitter and word of mouth to pass along recommendations.

Last night I saw two films that made me feel I HAD to write about them.

The first was “That Guy Dick Miller” a documentary about the life and career of the eponymous character actor. The guy has been in everything. I remember him mostly from Gremlins, but his career started back in the ’50s and the man knows how to pack everything into the shortest of scenes. He’s a true treasure.

The second was “Premature” a John Hughes-esque masterpiece that combines the John Hughes comedic “this event is too ridiculous to be real” with a sprinkling of “Groundhog Day”. Reminded me a lot of “Better Off Dead”.

The entire cast shines and the film will certainly become this generations “Ferris Bueller”.

Additional screenings are:

“That Guy Dick Miller”
March 8, 4:30pm Alamo Slaughter
March 11, 8:30pm Ritz 2
March 13, 9:30pm Marchesa

March 8, 9:30pm Alamo Village
March 11, 4:45pm Ritz 1
March 15, 4:00pm Ritz 2

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