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Tragedy at The Mohawk

Last night a tragic accident happened outside The Mohawk. A suspected drunk driver, trying to evade police broke through barricades on Red River St. and killed two people and injured 23 others.

There has been mention that Austin has a casual attitude towards drinking, that public transit is laughable, and that SXSW itself fosters an environment of heavy drinking with no real options for folks to get home.

None if these things, whether true or not, have anything to do with the cause of last nights events.

It is about personal responsibility. One person is responsible – the driver who chose to (allegedly) drive drunk. It is about personal ethics. He could just as easily (perhaps even with greater ease) just slept in his car. Some would say that he was drunk and not thinking clearly, but when he was sober, he chose to drive downtown, he chose to drink, and he chose to do both without thought as to how to get home.

Our thoughts are with those affected by this event, and we know both the Austin and SXSW communities will come together to benefit those impacted by one persons thoughtless act.

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