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“Must-See” Film at SXSW 2014: “Big in Japan”

Big in Japan Still PhotoSXSW Music is in full force, but there’s still time to catch some of the great films that premiered earlier this week during SXSW Film. One of the film that stands out the most and represents the frustrations and challenges experienced by musicians is Big in Japan from writer/director John Jeffcoat, playing tonight at 9:30 pm at Alamo Ritz.

This quirky fictionalized story about real life Seattle-based band Tennis Pro is humorous and engaging. The band’s experiences as they attempt to find success abroad are both magical and realistic.

Like his previous film “Outsourced” which was based in India, Jeffcoat embraces and respects the local culture as he reveals its nuances. Tennis Pro members and non-actors Phillip Peterson, David Drury, and Sean Lowry effectively embrace their characters that engages and entertains.

The guerilla-style cinematography is well-suited for the intimacy of the seedy hotel and basement nightclubs that the band frequents on this road trip tale of three musicians just trying to prove to themselves and others that they can find success with their music.

I guarantee that after watching Big in Japan, you will be humming a Tennis Pro tune, thirsting for sake, or wanting to book a trip to Japan — Ramen Tatsu-ya, anyone?

Get a free download of Tennis Pro’s “Rock Over Tokyo” on Gridtrax here.


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