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SXSW ready for ‘no new Twitter’ but lots of creativity

Speaking to Impact News, SXSW Interactive’s Hugh Forrest talks about the upcoming fun and games in Austin. While he’s ready for ten variants of the headline ‘There’s no new Twitter at SXSW this year’, h knows that Interactive is far more than one product. It’s the people, the companies, the launches, and the connections.

But is there anything that stands out theme wise?

 Certainly a big area of focus for 2014, in light of what we know from this past summer is privacy, surveillance, [National Security Agency] and PRISM. We have a lot of programming focused on that. Glenn Greenwald will be part of the event. He is the journalist who broke most of the Snowden stuff.

I think that the Snowden stuff from last summer was a reminder to those of us—myself included—who were very idealistic about this technology and all the power of social networks, that there is a very dark side to this stuff as well, which continues to need to be investigated and looked at and thought about and viewed.

The full interview is over on Impact News.

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