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SXSW For Hardware Geeks: Check Out Stage Two Event

If you are a Tech Geek like me, you drool over being able to see and play with the newest hardware whenever possible. There never seems to be enough hardware show and tells at SXSW for my liking, but the landscape has been growing over the last few years with events like this years Stage Two @ SXSW.

While this event doesn’t have the hardware demos of others in the past, it is definitely a must see for those interested in hardware development or startups.  Here are the deets from their site:

Looking for gadgets and hardware at SXSW 2014?
Join twenty hardware startups, manufacturers, marketers, entrepreneurs, distributors and more as they share short talks about their adventures in getting hardware products from conception to scale. You’ll hear the stories of creating CE hardware and gadgets, the experiences of developing new technology, and the lessons learned by bringing an idea to life and on to market.

This is where you want to be if you are serious about being in the consumer electronics industry! Beer, tacos, and live music keeps things crispy… It is SXSW after all!

2:00 – Doors, beers, tacos, and demos
2:30 – Ten 5 minute stories about hardware
4:00 – Live music from Deuce Coupe
4:30 – Ten 5 minute stories about hardware
6:00 – Done!

The event Time and Place:
Sunday, March 9th
2:00 – 6:00pm
The Long Center for the Performing Arts - Pincer Terrace
701 W Riverside Dr

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