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Another wonderful night of storytelling at SXSW as Fray Cafe returns

Friend of the Parish Kevin Smokler, once more, is taking the microphone for Fray Cafe at SXSW. A quiet oasis in the middle of the jumble of SXSW, it’s a hidden gem that many ignore, bout those who have discovered it realise the power of five minutes, one microphone, and true stories told from the heart.

Over to Kevin:

Every year since 2000, attendees of SXSWi and the citizens of Austin have gathered to tell true stories. This year, the legendary evening of true personal storytelling returns on a (hopefully) warm, spring Sunday night downtown.

Here’s how it works: Anyone can attend. No SXSW badge required. You show up and listen to great stories. If you wish to tell a story, add your name to the sign up sheet. You can also sign up beforehand right here on the invite.

The only ground rules: your story must be true, it must be about you, and it can’t be a plug for anything. We get to as many as we can before 10 PM.

More details on this year’s Fray Cafe can be found at the Facebook Events page. The SXSW Baby! team will be there, and we’d really like it if you join us at the Red Eyed Fly on Sunday March 9th at 7pm  - we know you’ll love it.

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