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Third round of bands added to SXSW Music roster

While it’s not the final round of announcements for bands at SXSW Music 2014, the third round just announced by the SXSW team gives us many more names from the March showcases. As usual this is just the names, the timetables come later, but for now head down the list and see if you can spot your favourites.

I’m going to be a little self-promotional and highlight the five Scottish bands in this round (Holy Esque, Honeyblood, Rustie, Withered Hand, and Young Fathers) but there are many more names to look out for in the 741 strong list.

SXSW have announced 1257 bands so far at SXSW. We’re expecting around 2000 bands for the 2014 roster so there’s still time for that ‘Ukrainian Rock Star / Russian Folk Singing Grandmothers’ mash-up to happen!

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