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The 2014 Films Are Here! The 2014 Films Are Here!

Huzzah,Babies! The headline says it all. If you are like me (and I have to assume you are if you are reading this) then you have been chomping at the bit for Thursday’s announcement.

Here’s the skinny on just some of the 115 films announced:
* 76 World Premieres
* 10 North American Premieres
* 7 U.S. Premieres
* 68 films from first time directors

So many films to choose from! Here is but a fast and furious look at a few early frontrunners of awesomeness.

Impossible Light (Documentary Competition)
If you are a fan of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, you might enjoy watching the Bay Bridge in San Francisco be wrapped with 25,000 LED lights. You know it’s going to be pretty. Find out what it took to achieve this feat.

Cesar Chavez (Narrative Spotlight)
If you have ever eaten a grape, you might want to check out Directer Diego Luna’s fictive work about the acclaimed civil rights leader and labor organizer.

Wicker Kittens (Documentary Spotlight)
Honestly, I wanted to see this based on the title alone. After reading the synopsis, this film has moved to the top of my “must-see.” Documentarian Amy C. Elliott introduces us to a world of competitive jigsaw puzzling. Did you know there was such a thing? Me either. Thanks Amy-I am so there!

The Dance of Reality (Visions)
This is Alejandro Jodorowsky. Part biopic, part mythology and surrealism, it doesn’t seem like it has been 23 years since he last made a film. What is reality? Jodorowsky has spent his entire career searching for that answer. Has he found it? Have you?

Stay tuned my Babies! There is so much more to come.

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