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SXSW Film 2014 Announces First Round

All right, Babies!  SXSW 2014 rapidly approaches. As you may have seen, the very first round of films has been announced. All are World Premieres, and with 4 Narrative Features, 2 Documentaries and an introduction to the new version of a classic television show, there is something for everyone.

With zombies, food trucks, EDM, tennis rivalry and a teen sleuth all grown up, this first roll out shows a promising start to SXSW Film 2014. In addition to films, this year SXSW has added a TV component. And with that news, SXSW is premiering the new show Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey with an introduction by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (also a keynote speaker for Interactive)!

For a full overview, check here.

For those with a slow internet connection, or an impatient nature, here is a bit of a taste…

Veronica Mars (World Premiere) Do I really need to say anything other than the title? You know the queue for this is going to be a monster.

Leave the World Behind (World Premiere) The final tour of the band Swedish House Mafia. Sometimes, friendship really is the most important thing.

Doc of the Dead (World Premiere) From the people who made The People vs. George Lucas (SXSW 2010), a look into the zombie phenomenon and its impact on popular culture.

Oh, did I forget to tell you? A Conversation with Alejendro Jodorowsky!!!!  WHAT?!?!?! Granted, he is not the most well-known of filmmakers, but those who do know of him will be freaking out (I know I am)!  With a documentary coming out about his visionary approach to Frank Herbert’s Dune, and his own new film The Dance of Reality, Jodorowsky is finally back on the film scene after 25 years. And we’ve got him! What a coup for SXSW Film.

Keep checking back for more news about SXSW 2014. It is already starting out on a fine note.

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  1. Judy Callier says:

    A really well written article. I’m so proud.

    YOUR MOTHER!!!!!

  2. Wendy K. Callier says:

    Thanks, Mom! You’re aces.