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Buy your badge now!!! | Interactive: March 11-15, 2016 | Film: March 11-19, 2016 | Music: 15-20, 2016 | Austin Weather

One more week for a $200 discount on SXSW Badges

If you’ve made your mind up to attend SXSW, be it Music, Film, Interactive, or a mix of the three, and you haven’t bought your badge yet, it’s worth pointing out that the prices go up in the next few days. you have until midnight (Austin time) to snag up to $200 in savings on the walk-up price..

thru Oct 18 thru Nov 22 thru Jan 10 thru Feb 7 Walk up
$1525 $1595 $1695
£1295 $1395 $1495
Music $725 $750 $795
Film $595 $625 $650
Interactive $1095 $1195 $1295

If you are buying a badge at this stage, and especially if you are buying one to come to Interactive, then please check out available accommodation before you head to SXSW.com to buy the badge. There are no refunds on badges, and hotel space is crazy-difficult to find this year.

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