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New Content on The Baby! for SXSW 2014

Well since SXSW keeps growing by leaps and bounds we thought the least we could do was grow a bit ourselves.

To that end we’ve added a new writer, Wendy K. Callier (Wewt! Go Wendy!) who will be covering Film which allows yours truly (Eric) to cover SXSW Gaming, SXSW Comedy, and some of the newer content SXSW has added recently.

In addition, we are going to use the Vine app (Vine-ing? Vine-olog? The Line Vine?) to document what we see and hear around the festival during the week, including:

  • What’s the Registration line Look like?
  • Are all the good Films sold out of SXxpress passes yet?
  • What are my chances of getting into that really awesome film with all the stars in attendance?
  • Is the Trade show floor busy?
  • What are the cool booths in the Trade Show?

We are hoping to provide more up to the minute coverage for you this year. We’ll be posting our Vines to our Twitter feed (@SXSWBaby).



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