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Julian Assange to speak to SXSW Interactive… live from the Embassy!

Like many, Julian Assange can’t make it over to Austin for SXSW (although I suspect his reason is slightly more Hollywood than yours), so his conversation with Benjamin Palmer will be conducted by satellite link. It takes place on Saturday March 8th, with a watching venue TBC.

Personally I quite like the Dallas Observer’s cheeky take on the event:

…surely, surely, this is the moment that Assange busts out. Think about it. It’s late at night in the U.K. All the police outside will be watching the interview on their smartphones, just in case he says anything nice about them and how extraordinarily vigilant they are. This is the perfect moment to sneak out the back door.

Just prerecord the whole thing. Do the speech first, then when it’s time for the interview part it can become clear the whole thing is on a prerecorded loop. Chaos reigns as the police realize they’ve been tricked. A cackling Assange speeds off into the distance, to catch a helicopter bound for Ecuador.

Although a 2pm session in Austin is only 8pm in the UK, which as any officer of the Metropolitain Police knows, is about the time London starts to wake up for the weekend…

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