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SXSW V2V Session Spotlight: Online Persona

With SXSW V2V just around the corner (it’s only 2 months away!) there is a building wave of activity at their site.

We thought we’d take time to start highlighting some of the more interesting sessions as they are announced. the first one we’d like to point out from our little table in the corner is “Not Just a Pretty Profile: Building Online Persona.”

From the SXSW V2V site:

Virtual reputation has become a hot topic among all users across the web. Creating a unique presence online is especially important for new businesses looking to stand out in their industry.

That’s why we’re particularly excited about today’s Session Highlight “Not Just a Pretty Profile: Building Online Persona.” Amber Case (SXSW Interactive Keynote 2012, Esri R&D Center), Brett Martin (Sonar) and Peter Kazanjy (TalentBin) join Christine Herron (Intel Capital) to talk about the ins and outs of sharing your story online.

Using the right blend of public and private identity can be very tricky in a world with instant status and location updates, but these speakers have it down to a science–and soon you will too. Attend SXSW V2V to hear this and other valuable panels, 20/20 vision speakers and keynotes.

Featuring past SXSW interactive Keynote speakers and an important topic not just for startups but, we think, for everyone, this promises to be a great general interest session and one we are sure to attend.

SXSW V2V takes place August 11th – 14th at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

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