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This is what it’s like to run run a showcase at SXSW Music

Looking behind the scenes at SXSW Music isn’t that difficult, everything is on show at changeover time, sound-checks and band prep are done on stage, and the whole environment is incredibly honest. But there’s a lot more going on. Conrad Schoenleber talks through his experiences of organising the CrowdNoize showcase last week on City Pages.

12 p.m.: Our first act, locals, the Chalice, is supposed to go on. Half of our speakers are missing, and the sound guy couldn’t be more clueless. My partner, Patrick Welby of CrowdNoize calls his in-house sound tech to sprint over. He arrives and immediately starts working damage control. So far our SXSW showcase is a huge success.

The diary for the rest of the day is online, and makes for fascinating reading.

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