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Milo- A Buttload of Fun

Yeah, couldn’t resist the horrible pun, how could I when the movie is about a man who has a demon who lives in his lower intestines. This movie really could have gone down the toilet (oh come on! These jokes line themselves up!) but Milo managed to be one of the best horror comedies I have ever seen. Ken Marino is fantastic as the main character, and as the director/writer team pointed out in the Q&A who hasn’t had something come out of their a**?

For those of you worried about the gore factor, let me tell you that while this movie does have its gore laden moments it is one that doesn’t go over the top on the flying guts. In fact you might find yourself laughing more often than covering your eyes and cheering for the er? underdog? so to speak.

If you missed it tonight, Milo has additional screenings Monday March 11 at Alamo Slaughter, Thursday March 14 at Paramount, Friday March 15 at Topher

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