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This SXSW Say It With a BeerGram!

I discovered a wonderful new app from creator Andrea Sanchez and her team at Beergr.am (yes that’s their website). BeerGram combines the functionality of Foursquare (checking in) with a mobile wallet type app that allows you to buy your friends beers even when you are not in the same bar, which is great at wide events like SXSW.

BeerGram is a free app to share and really connect during all of life’s moments, the good days, bad days or just because days. Now instead of just commenting on a particularly bad day or liking a moment in a friend’s life, you can send something small, inexpensive but meaningful. You can send them a beer, you can send them a craft beer!

So we decided to play 5 questions with Andrea. Here goes:

1. We love the concept behind the app, what inspired it?
Being connected with my friends from high school and college on real-time social applications left me frustrated. I felt connected to my friends but actually missed them more because I could now “see” them everyday and interact with them. I wanted to be able to do something for them when they had a bad day or just because I missed them. But, when you have not seen someone in years, what do you send? And besides WHAT to send, will my gift be considered odd or weird since it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other? Beer was the answer to me! I’m a huge craft beer gal and I wanted to send a beer to my friends so, ….BeerGram.

2. We know you are in Beta testing right now, any plans for expansion beyond Austin?
We are actually in a couple of bars in Houston already and will be adding more soon. While we are in our beta period we did limit the number of locations but will adding more in more cities as well! We have some great locations joining us before SXSWi.

3. How will we know when new bars/restaurants are added to our area?
BeerGram will begin blogging soon, www.beergr.am. We are going to run a spotlight on every location that joins our mission of spreading cheer with beer. In addition, the BeerGram news feed announces new locations that are added. But, you can always look by tapping the bar stools from the BeerGram app to see listed BeerGram locations.

4. Tell us about the integration with Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter.
Well, currently BeerGram is integrated with Facebook and Foursquare. We will be adding Twitter as well this month. You can sign up to BeerGram using Fb Connect or create a BeerGram account. BeerGram requests permission to share any BeerGrams you send or redeem. In addition, you can share a check-in via Fb and maybe a friend will send you a beer then and there to that location! Johnny on the Spot!

5. Any plans for SXSW?
Well, not officially yet but we are planning a fun bash with the wonderful ladies of BitchBeer!

There you have it! A great new way to socialize with friends over a beer! We’re really looking forward to trying it out at SXSW!

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