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Things to do in Austin if you have no idea what to do outside of SXSW

It might be from October last year, but a link to Kinky Friedman’s favourite haunts and things to do in Austin is a nice little look at the what happens beyond 6th Street. If you’ve spent all that money and effort getting to SXSW you really should take some time to explore Austin – and this is the perfect primer.

For example…

Hands down the best in Austin (or anywhere, for that matter) is the legendary Broken Spoke, owned by the equally legendary James White. James likes to have his picture taken. There are two entire rooms filled with pictures of James with everyone from Dolly Parton to Willie Nelson, and of course, the Kinkster, but the real action is on the dance floor, where ancient floorboards squeak in rhythm with the boot scooters sashaying across it. One bit of advice: you may not want to use the word “sashay” at the Broken Spoke.

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