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Ted Rehingold’s 20 things to not do at SXSW Interactive

Ted Rehingold has distilled his nine years of experience at SXSW into a greatest hits of things you should really avoid in Austin during Interactive (and a few things you should do). It’s more geared towards marketers and advertisers than regular attendees, but I suspect that’s going to make up about a third of the attendees.

Unless your budgets are bottomless, I’d really recommend not even trying to fight shoulder-to-shoulder. Some of the best things I’ve seen done are low key. Exactly one year afterFourSquare launched in 2009 at SXSW, Dennis Crowley and team drew a chalk four square in front the convention center and ran a pickup game. Scott Beale of LaughingSquid waits until there’s a lull in places to go/be and announces a spontaneous drink-up just when people are looking for something to do.

Read on for the full list here.

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