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Recommended Short: “Necronomica” SXSW Narrative Shorts

Another in a great lineup from SXSW this year is Necronomica from Kyle Bogart and Cliff Bogart.

I loved it, the only way I can describe it is a buddy film about two friends facing a crisis of identity and their musical integrity.

After the departure of friend and drummer Mortimus, Black Metal bandmates Borknarg and Absu begin to lose hope that “Necronomica” will ever achieve its place as the most evil band in the world. Borknarg hatches a plan to take their band to the next level, but he fears it might cost him his friendship with Absu. And friendship is a powerful thing: it is the foundation of any truly evil band.

AND … now that the Film Screening Schedule is up, we can let you when and where it’s playing!

Saturday, March 9
1:45PM – 3:08PM
Topfer Theatre at Zach Scott

Monday, March 11
4:30PM – 5:53PM
Rollins Theatre at The Long Center

Wednesday, March 13
1:45PM – 3:08PM
Vimeo Theater

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