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Recommended Film: “The Punk Syndrome” SXGlobal

I was about five minutes into screening this film and I exclaimed “These guys ROCK!”

That is the essence of The Punk Syndrome, a documentary about Finland’s own Pertti Kurikka’s Name Day.

This isn’t a film about Punk, or about the developmentally disable, it’s about 4 guys who “bring it” and leave it all on stage.

“The Punk Syndrome” is a documentary film about Finnish punk-rock band Pertti Kurikka’s Name Day, formed in 2009 by four developmentally disabled guys. The film follows the band’s journey from their rehearsal room to cult success. It shows the love and hate between the guys, the crying and the laughter. Loyal to true punk tradition, the band plays loud and harshly, and their lyrics are critical of the surrounding reality: Poverty, housing problems, intoxicants and the attitudes towards disabled are brutally slung to the listener’s face.

And the BEST part? They are playing SXSW!
Friday, March 15
11:35PM -12:10AM
Headhunters Patio
720 Red River St (8th St Entrance)
Age Policy: 21+

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