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Recommended Film: “Mr Angel” SXSW Documentary Spotlight

Director Dan Hunt’s Mr. Angel is a deep dive into the essence of self identity and how that can run headlong into society’s predetermined definitions of sexuality and gender.

Shot over six years, the film follows Buck’s extraordinary life as a transgender advocate, educator, and porn pioneer.

While it may not be your cup of tea, it has a very strong message about identity in today’s society.

It’s morning in Mexico. Buck is feeding his 7 dogs. Trailed by the pack, he picks up photos & reveals his past. Buck was born female yet always knew he was male. Even his parents raised him as a boy until puberty. That’s when the conflict began escalating to drug addiction and suicide attempts. Buck fully transitioned to male when he underwent a double mastectomy. The film follows Buck as he creates a new genre in porn trying to change the belief that you need a penis to be a man. Not aware of their child’s fame are his parents whose participation is a moving reunion uncovering Buck’s early history. “Mr. Angel” packs a universal lesson of acceptance and is a portrait of an unlikely hero.

3 Responses to “Recommended Film: “Mr Angel” SXSW Documentary Spotlight”

  1. Yford says:

    “While it may not be your cup of tea”? Is that qualifier necessary? That could be said about every film playing at SXSW. Come on…

  2. Buck Angel® says:

    Thank you..and yes possibly not everyone’s cup of tea..but maybe more like a strong cup of coffee:)
    Buck Angel

  3. Steve says:

    This film is a must see.

    It’s hard to imagine a film about someone more different than me.

    Me = straight father of three,

    Buck = trans porn star

    Which is why the impact of the film for me — and I think for many who will see it — was so stunning.

    Buck’s “differentness” is real and part of his hard won identity. But those differences come to seem less and less important as you slowly discover just how much Buck has to teach us all about authenticity, self-discovery , and the profound need we all share to love, and be loved for who we are.