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Austin is the killer T-Shirt

Update: Hugh’s team have been in touch, and the offer is now closed.
Time served attendees at SXSW just might recognise the latest Gaping Void T-Shirt that is going to go on sale… if there is enough demand.

In 2008 Hugh created an image similar to this one for the official SXSW bag. Now, 5 years later, in celebration of the madness in March that “South By” has become, we’ve put together this “unofficial” Limited Edition tee shirt. A killer tee, for a killer city, in time for a killer conference. Wear yours proudly during the madness this March!

There is a catch though – like some fashionable version of Kickstarter, the project will only start printing when fifty orders are received… and you only have till Sunday to put down your dollars. Head over to Gaping Void Austin on Teespring for more.

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