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Announcing the 6th SXSW Baby Social Breakfast

I know many of you will have penciled in “Saturday morning at Magnolia’s” in your diaries because you just knew we’d be organising this, but here’s the official announcement. This year’s ‘SXSW Social Breakfast‘ will be on Saturday March 9th, starting at 8am at Magnolia Cafe on South Congress (that’s the Saturday of SXSW Interactive).

Everyone is welcome, and the SXSW Baby! team will be there so make sure to say hi!

A big thank you as always to the staff at Magnolias, who’ll be opening up the patio area early for the Social Breakfast so you can all mingle, meet old friends, make new ones, and set yourself up for the rest of the day. If you’re keen to get back to the Convention Center, most folk are finished by nine and there’s a local bus that will take us all back to town in time for the first morning sessions.

You can RSVP on Facebook, and everyone who turns up can have a badge.

Also, if you run one of the many ‘we’ll sign you up to all the parties at SXSW’ services, please do not add the Breakfast. It’s unrealistic to have 4,000 people on an RSVP list for an intimate event like this (as we did last year). We like to have an honest idea of who is turning up, rather than who the RSVP has been sold to.

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