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We’re only here for the Guinness and the Showcase

Sometimes you bounce around SXSW Music hoping to find something wonderful on Sixth Street (which is how I found The Frantic). Another option is to keep an eye out for the national parties and events that happen, and one of the longer running events is Ireland’s ‘Full Irish Breakfast’, which this year will be held on Friday 15th March.

The 17 bands coming to Austin under the Music for Ireland initiative have also been announced, and they are:

Ash, Bicep, BP Fallon, Declan O Rourke, Delorentos, Funeral Suits, Girls Names, Hudson Taylor, Kid Karate, Kodaline, Kool Thing, Little Green Cars, Psycatron, Sea Pinks, So Cow, Squarehead, and The Lost Brothers.

Head over to Music from Ireland for more information and to request an invite.

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