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SXSW Film Announces New Conference Additions

YES! Even more announcements!!!!

SXSW Film has some “Major new additions” including:

A Conversation with Matthew McConaughey
An in-depth discussion with the incredibly fascinating actor, whose career continues to evolve in exciting and unexpected ways, including his bold choices with recent projects like *Magic Mike*, *Killer Joe*, *Bernie* and *Mud*.

Humanizing Heroes: Storytelling Beyond Sports
The leading authorities behind some of today’s most notable sports films, Connor Schell (ESPN Films), Ken Rodgers (NFL Films) and Ross Greenburg (Ross Greenburg Productions), discuss the evolution of storytelling in sports filmmaking, its influence on pop culture and its continued resonance across all cultures and backgrounds.

Bates Motel: Story to Screen with Carlton Cuse
In a Special Event combining the SXSW Film Festival and Conference in one, attendees will get an exclusive first look at the pilot of Bates Motel, the thrilling new series from A&E. Following the screening, Executive Producer Carlton Cuse (Lost) will sit down with A&E Marketing EVP Guy Slattery for an inside look and Q&A on the process for bringing this contemporary prequel to life.

Jeffrey Tambor’s Acting Workshop
Jeffrey Tambor continues the tradition of his much loved acting and life workshop by returning to SXSW Film 2013. Part one-man show, part seminar, part question and answer and endlessly entertaining, Jeffrey’s hilarious and empowering presentation inspires the viewer to discover the artist within.

The conversation with McConaughey should be interesting, he always seems to have a presence at SXSW. The Bates Motel event promises an interesting concept, one that which was seen last year with Seth MacFarlane. It was a huge draw, and we expect the same here as well.

Lastly Jeffret Tambor’s Acting Workshop has become a perennial favorite at SXSW. we’ve always missed it, but not this time!

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