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SXSW Accelerator Emcees and Judges Announced

SXSW has announced the list of Emcees and Judges for both the Interactive and Music Accelerators and there are quite a few distinguished names therein.

For those not familiar with SXSW Accelerator, it is a competition where “companies battle for your taste-making, trend-setting attention, leading to a fireworks display of innovation. Connections will be made and careers launched”.

The lists are long but one name did stand out for us, Richard Garriott, Creative Director, Portalarium (and our favorite spaceman) as an Interactive Emcee.

The full list of Interactive Emcees and Judges can be found here and for Music Accelerator Emcees and Judges can be found here.

For more info on the Interactive Accelerator go here.
For more info on the Music Accelerator go here.

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