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Nine more start-ups going live at SXSW Interactive

There’s this delightful myth that you can launch your start-up at SXSW, you get a huge burst of publicity, and you’ll be the next Twitter or Foursquare. Nobody mentions Hashable. But that doesn’t stop people trying every year. Nine start-ups looking to use SXSW Interactive as a springboard are currently being mentored by Dreamit Venutres, an incubator helping them get ready to launch (reports Business Insider).

The nine are…

Doccaster,  Content delivery and analytics for events
Fig Labs, Cloud-based mathematical platform for engineers and scientists
Newscastic, Marketplace for journalists and business-sponsored stories
Pincam, Video utility tool for creation of highlight video clips
Planana, Social promotions for event marketers and sponsors
Seer, Intelligent platform for finding and organizing information
Stereotypes, Social music network
TrendKite, Media dashboard reinventing media monitoring
Yevvo, Live social video broadcasting platform

Will any of them be anointed at the end of Interactive? Will all nine of them make it to Austin? And will they stand up to the harsh real world conditions of SXSW? It’s not long to find out now.

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