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New This Year: Southbites at SXSW

Once of our dietary staples last year was the “Java Monster Mornings” at the SXSW Registrant Lounge. sponsored by Monster Energy, it provided free Monster Java Energy Drinks and breakfast, deliciously prepared by Austin favorite Pink Avocado.

Unfortunately for both our caffeine addiction and our love for egg and bacon empanadas, this lounge isn’t on the schedule (yet).

FORTUNATELY for us, local chef Paul Qui of local dining spot Qui and owner of local food trailer spot East Side King trailers, will be “curating” a selection of gourmet food trucks right across from the Convention Center!

“Southbites” will be open to the public and will be operating all nine days of SXSW. No details yet on the menu or cuisines to be available, but we’re sure it will provide a nice alternative to the usual free lukewarm, picked-over BBQ to be found at most unofficial parties.

Bring your appetite, we will!

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