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gdgt returns to Austin during SXSW

Last year gdgt hit Austin in a big way at the Austin Music Hall during SXSW Interactive. gdgt, a separate independent event from SXSW Interactive is known for putting the hottest in tech trends on display at booths much like the SXSW Trade Show. gdgt was a place to play with the geekerati in attendance.

This year they will be back on Monday, March 11th. The event is free, but get there early as there will be a long line to get in.

We’d love to see gdgt before a part of SXSW, maybe even a satellite event. This is the kind of new cool gadgetry that belongs in the SXSW Trade Show, and there is certainly some overlap with other aspects of SXSW.

gdgt will have a small conference as well, and it’s sad to think that these two great events can’t somehow come together. The would certainly both benefit from the cross pollination.

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